Thursday, June 13, 2019

Honestly I still can’t really even talk abut this. 

It’s been awhile

So many things i could blog about! Here at the dentist with Juliet and I finished up all the grading I had to do (teaching 2 summer classes).

End of the school year and Abigail has already started her first high school class! (Online gym...well technically i guess this is her second bc she took honors algebra last year which is a high school class and goes on her transcript). Juliet is on to 7th, Isaac to 5th, Luke 3rd, and Nate 1st. Whew!!

The day after school got out we went to the most amazing house ever (thanks, Mom and Dad!!!!)  for an epic family reunion on Lake Anna. It was a wonderful week (jet skiing! Kayaking! Campfires! Endless treats! Waterskiing and tubing! Paddle boards! Sand and swimming until the sun went down! Waterslides!) so so so awesome. Lots of pics on IG. And I worked out every day which I was super proud about, because usually I start out strong and then fizzle (knowing this I ran 10 miles the first day, haha).

Or I could talk about how our kitchen renovation wrapped up and then we found out our dishwasher had leaked steadily over months onto the subfloor and we had to take out the cabinets and counters and half the floor! So we ended the last week of school with all our main-level furniture in the living room and sunroom and came back from vacation to new floors and a house full of dust and have spent the last week watching it all come together again (things we have learned: I basically collapse into a pit of despair for thirty minutes every night when there is no functional kitchen).

Then again I could write about everything we’ve crammed in to this week...normally I just kind of take it easy when we are just back from vacation but we have a gazillion people going in and out every day working on the house and it’s been rough on the kids to be there, so we have had three days with friends and two playground days and two pool days (would be more but it’s literally 52 degrees today) and a trip to Conner Prairie and another to the $1 summer movie series, and somehow in there we wedged in piano lessons (Abigail started this week with her new teacher!) and everyone worked on their summer reading books and we played a lot of legos, and I ran a lot and worked on a couple other projects around everything else (painted 3 exterior doors, continued the very lengthy process of transforming our stairs, and finished painting allllll the trim on the main floor!)

As always I’m feeling like we need a better plan for summer but I’m trying to remind myself that I always feel like this at the beginning; that our house is in chaos, and that there is real value in letting my kids just chill.

Going to try for some pics on my phone although it’s awful for formatting,  but realistically I’m not going to come back and add pics later...

Pics of our annual Kings Island trip where we blow off school (hah!) and go ride roller coasters, some of the amazing artwork that’s come home this year, macaroons I made with my baking friends (we get together every month or so and bake stuff we haven’t made before, like croissants or eclairs or macaroons), soccer for 3 of the kids this spring, kitchen chaos (and accompanying house chaos), and as I’m typing this I’m realizing that I should also include DR BAILEY and Luke’s baptism but I’m out of time.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

not catching up...

I was listening to a podcast on journaling the other day while I painted the sunroom, and it was talking about how one of the things that makes people give up on journaling is the feeling that they have to catch up, and that you can’t let that get to you—you just have to start from where you are now.

So here I am! Not catching up just starting from now.

Right now I’m at Nathan’s soccer game (the last one of the day, hurray!!) typing in my phone while my face is looking at Nathan, hence any typos.

Yesterday I got up at 5:30 and went for a delightfully therapeutic early run on our favorite route with my dear friend (who is likely moving in a few months noooooo). Then i went home and braided the girls’ hair and sent them off to school and fed the boys breakfast and showered and got the boys off to school and started laundry and cleaned bathrooms and then went off to Conner Prairie with Matty to meet some friends. Matty happily petted every sheep and stomped in every puddle while I had a great couple hours of friend time and then we headed home, both took a nap, welcomed the boys home from school, read stories, Nathan’s friend down the street came over, we had dinner, Neil and I went to the temple while Abigail babysat for us, and then Neil and i wound up the night finishing off the last of Nathan’s week-old ice cream cake while we caught up on Brooklyn 99.

Today was wedging in my run around 3 soccer games (my alarm went off at 6 to go run and i turned it off thanks to the pouring rain). Juliet’s game was cancelled after we got there (boo it was twenty minutes away!!) but at Nathan and Luke’s games we had decent weather and I had a fun time catching up with other parents on the sidelines. Tonight Abigail is babysitting foe some friends and Neil and I have to figure out what color we want for our floors...yikes, do we go light or dark???!!

In general things are really good. A couple weeks ago I was in the depression pit of despair again and everything was sooooo awful...and then voila, upping my dose made the world rosy and beautiful and bright again. I hate that my brain does this but man I’m grateful that it’s treatable.

Let’s see if i can upload a few pics from the last week or so...

Abigail and Luke after their birthday interviews

Neil measuring and thinking about our bathroom (there's a door and drywall up in that first opening now--took out the big cased opening!).

Matty before church, the first day I had my new phone camera and was having fun with portrait mode

blowing out candles--6 years old!

killing time waiting for kids somewhere...maybe dentist? we've had all the annual/biannual exams lately...

family room--finished painting the built-ins, doors, and windows oooh just love this room! floors getting redone at the end of the month!

brothers playing happily together during luke's soccer practice

a gorgeous rainy walk with Matthew--we looked for all our favorite flowers

chickens are getting bigger and bigger--this was a couple weeks ago and they are HUGE now!

Luke being silly in Primary...

Abigail turned 14! and it was Easter!

soccer superhero (with a hot chocolate mustache because it was COLD!)

helping stuff eggs for the ward Easter hunt--thankfully the kids were super into this because that was a lot of eggs!

juliet wandering around the backyard practicing violin

the temple one evening as we were driving home from youth activities

Isaac during Primary--love that cute smile

fuzzy-haired boys on the slide during soccer practice

this kid's personality on the soccer field is the BEST

finished painting these rocks this week--they used to be orange and brown (now I have to do the walls and ceiling).

Bailey boys cleaning up at the Pinewood Derby--Isaac took 1st overall (second year in a row) and Luke took first in his class and third overall.

Matthew doing his very favorite thing in the world--hammering!

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