Tuesday, April 08, 2008

conference weekend

Elise ate the cucumbers after she took them off her eyes.

One thing I absolutely adore about living so close to my family is our burgeoning Conference weekend tradition--the fam comes down to our house and we all laugh ourselves silly and make good food and listen to the prophets. We celebrate Abigail's birthday a few weeks early, enjoy a spa night while the menfolk go to the priesthood session, and luxuriate in the afternoon sun while we lie outside in the backyard and listen to the last session. My mom stays at home with the girls so that we can go out on a midnight star-filled walk with my dad and sisters and we request our favorite stories from my dad's childhood as we walk, and between sessions on Saturday we pay visits to a local Russian grocer for hard salami, rye, and apricot butter, an Asian grocer for samosas and dried Philippine mangos, and a local BBQ joint for piles and piles of pulled pork, ribs, and coleslaw.

We feast on waffles for breakfast one day and the next indulge in a leisurely brunch of omelettes filled with ham, Swiss cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese, topped off with corn, sweet pepper, and red onion relish. We roll out homemade tortillas and close our eyes in rapture while we savor Cafe Rio-style pork. We eat multiple batches of chocolate-chip cookies, and the lemon-poppyseed cake that Elise bakes for Abigail's birthday is devoured in record time.

And, of course, we listen. We set up Mom's laptop on the fireplace mantel and we are quick to note the name of each speaker for Abigail, who spends most of the day walking around saying "Ook-dorft, ook-dorft, ook-dorft. I like to say ook-dorft. Where is President Monson?" We laugh when Abigail tells a drowsy Neil to "wake up now and listen to the prophet!" We have the best of times.

I love my family. I love Conference weekend. I love spring.


Crapos said...

Sounds like fun! And how on earth do you eat so much food in just one weekend?!?!

Katrina said...

That sounds positively delightful. I'm jealous--of the food, of the family time, and of the food (minus the BBQ, I've never been a fan).

Aubrey said...

I wish I had that family tradition! That sounds like a great time... with lots of yummy food!

Ruth Decker said...

That is my shirt Elise is wearing.

Rosalind said...

since when is this a family tradition? we've only done it once...last weekend!!

...and i vote the russian salami and the dried mangoes were the best. even when dad spanked me for eating so much salami. it was still reallly tasty

Rachael said...

rosalind, we did it last year too.

ashley--it was a four-day weekend. with a lot of grazing.

rachel said...

Sounds heavenly!

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