Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eight months old (okay, okay, and a few days)

check out those teeth!

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about some of the sleep issues I've been having with Juliet (like...she doesn't sleep) and she suggested that perhaps it was because she was coming up on another milestone.

Then I thought about all the milestones Juliet has hit in her eighth month of life, such as

  • sprouting two teeth
  • starting to crawl
  • pulling up to standing (about two days after she got crawling down)
  • waving bye-bye ( dang cute!)
  • saying "mamamamamama" when someone who is not me is holding her and she wants me
  • having double ear infections (not a milestone, but still)

and I was overwhelmed with gratitude that she has slept at all in the last month. Gooooodd baaabbby.

Jules is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. Even when in the throes of misery and infected ear woes, she will smile and crawl merrily around the living room (just as long as nobody tried to oh, feed her, or put her down for a nap, she was fine). She happily crawls after Abigail all day long, cheerfully and compliantly opens her mouth for each new bite at mealtimes (and is perfectly happy to feed herself) and plays around my feet while I do the dishes, content just to be near me. Whenever anyone (or especially someone with a camera) looks in her direction a huge smile takes over her face and she starts giggling (which makes me feel mildly guilty for not giving her more attention, since she loves it so much, but that's another post in itself). I just love this little kid! It's hard to believe it's already been eight months since she was born (yes, that's a link).

So here's some pics of the Julesie mouse at eight months old (and some change, since I took these all yesterday and this morning)

Entertaining herself while I do the dishes after lunch

Playing on the piano (while I clean the bathrooms)

Playing "Super Baby!" (you know, where you fly them around on your knees)

Pulverizing dinner. Who knew bread could be so fun?

A classic Juliet smile

We've compromised somewhat on the napping issue. She naps for twenty minutes? Fine. She plays for half an hour in the pack-and-play in my room next to the treadmill while I run. Both of us are happier this way.

And being my daughter, here's her favorite spot: the bookcase.

Love you, kid.


Katrina said...

She's such a pretty, happy baby. Sorry about the sleep issues though. I'd like to see some comparison photos of you when you were a baby. I think she looks so much like you.

Megan said...

She really is beautiful. You're a lucky momma!

Meghan said...

What a smiley Sue! She would never cry and keep her parents awake; you must be imagining it.

Brittanie said...

She is getting big SO FAST!!! Reagan was never a sleeper. I have finally just come to the realization that she probably will never require as much sleep as I do:(. Listening to other mothers tell you how "easy it is to get them to sleep" and that if you were doing "it" right all would be easy is the hardest part.

Having Ainsley has really proven to me that "good sleepers" are not created by "good mommy's" although they will try and convince you otherwise:). Hang in there!!!!

Elise Decker said...

you really should put up comparison pictures, that's a good idea...oh, the other day, a few days after we left your house, we were watching movie, and there was a part where a baby was crying, and i just cringed, and i was like, "no, no, make it stop!!!!" haha, it was funny

Aubrey said...

Your little Juliet is a doll. She's getting so big!

beapinkal said...

She is so adorable. I love her eyes. Little cutie:)

Rosalind said...

oooh i miss the little smiles but i don't miss the howling. i felt desperatley bad when i was patting her to sleep when everyone was out for a walk, because she kept screaming and pounding her head against the mattress, and she wouldn't stop whipping her head around even when i picked her up. that was only about 40 gotta be a super patient loving person to deal with that every night. you have my recognition. lol i couldn't do it. :)

...but i doo miss those smiles. :)
she is soo cute

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