Thursday, April 03, 2008

I heart youtube

So really, who's with me on this? Is Youtube awesome, or is it awesome?

These are the important things youtube does for me:

1) it allows me to shower (believe me, those 3-minute Little Mermaid clips are priceless in their capacity to entrance small children. A mighty quick shower, but a shower nonetheless).

2) it allows me to laugh like a maniac at 11 pm after a long day of child-wrasslin'.

My friend Heather posted this clip as a comment to my earlier post about Abigail biting Juliet, and Neil and I watched it repeatedly and laughed harder every time. Really, you should check it out: (I'm posting a link rather than waiting for Youtube to upload it)

And here's the one I always watch when I just need a good laugh:

Sometimes Abigail's while-Mommy-showers request is for "dose girls who sing Pop-u-luur", and so we watch "Defying Gravity" since I still can't find a good version of "Popular":

Some of my students used this in a presentation the other day:

And if you like Pachelbel's Canon in D, or you've ever listened to music at some point in your life, you will LOVE this: (heads up: it does have a couple swear words at the end)

What's your favorite youtube video? Give me a good laugh today, because man, I can guarantee it'll be a long one with Miss I Don't Eat and Miss I Eat My Sister.


Meghan said...

i pretty much agree oh wait, there's this really funny one, let me see if i can find it....

haha, that one makes me snigger----i don't know if i've shown that one to you, but it's funny


Joanna said...

I think this is why most people with kids have TVs.

I heart YouTube as well.

Laura, Brian, & Parker said...

I LOVE this one so much!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this. I laughed so hard!

Alicia said...

Hello dear Rachael,
Here's one for you from my cousin...
An undercover improv, "Can I get a Napkin Please?"
Secretly, this is one of my ultimate desires to do something like this. (That and car racing) I know...pre-midlife crisis! LOL!

Kilerkki said...

After my roommates and I watched "Charlie Bit My Finger" for the 7th time yesterday, and fell laughing over each other all over again (we're now to the point of quoting it!), Jessica showed me this Laughing Baby clip. It's hilarious.

Also, the Sneezing Panda made me laugh even harder:

Mack Hardy said...

It's awesome, UNLESS you're at BYU and then it is the DEVIL! Yeah, YouTube is blocked... dirty dirty filters.

lanada said...

everything is funnier when said by small children with british accents. nuff said.

tricki_nicki said...

I just spent WAY too much time clicking through your links and watching other videos that were on there. The funny clips got me rollin'!!

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