Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my beautiful family

I've spent all my allotted blogging time for today over at I Like Food and So Do You (so go there for recipes two and three), but I've taken so many cute pictures that I just have to put up a couple.

Our celebratory lunch at Chipotle--Neil is done with finals! Abigail is done with Joy School! (although that one's also kind of sad, but it was a milestone, so we celebrated it with an ice cream cone after Chipotle). And yes, Elise, I am wearing your sweater. It's got to be like the comfiest thing ever. Can I buy it from you? (I'm serious.) You're going to have to come visit me to reclaim it.

Yes, I do have a double stroller, but for short trips, Abigail always begs for the "one-seater stroller, so I can hold my Julesie on my lap, because she is my favorite sister and we are friends." I think they are just darlingest little people.

And speaking of darling--Juliet has a new face that cracks me up every time she does it, so of course she does it all the time because she knows she can always get me to laugh. I wish I could describe the sounds she makes as she does the face...

Oh, I love this little elfkin.


tricki_nicki said...

Look at that little scrunchie face! So cute!

Elise Decker said...

i miiiiiiisssss my sweaterrrrrrrr......but i know, isn't it really comfy?? i think we might be visiting day? i don't know....that's in like a month i guess (when i graduate!!!!!) and julesie's face is sooo cute!

Meghan said...

You are all adorable, but I love the man smiling in the background of your first picture.
Is that a bunny, bunny face?

Rosalind said...

LOL she's a ZOOLANDER BABY!!! oooh, thanks for sharing that, i love that kid.

Katrina said...

Oh that face is priceless!

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