Tuesday, April 01, 2008

those kids

You know how when you're pregnant and your doctor tells you that if you don't feel the baby move every so often, you should lie down on the couch and drink some juice and wait to feel movement?

I spent half my pregnancy with Abigail lying on the couch drinking juice praying to feel movement.

And then when Abigail was born she slept through the night at six weeks (12 hours), and took a 2-hour morning nap and a 2-hour afternoon nap. She loved to be cuddled, she army-crawled on her belly rather than her hands and knees until about ten months, and she was perfectly content to be cuddled (in this picture, by Elise). She spent most of her life chewing contentedly on whatever she could stick in her mouth.

Then there's Juliet, who was so active in utero that I cried myself to sleep from the internal pain for the last ten weeks (or I would wake Neil up crying in my sleep, but I was so exhausted that I would sleep through it). She was not a comfortable child to carry. AT ALL. Neil stopped snuggling with me at night because the violence of Juliet's kicking would wake him up too.

And then when she was born, we found out that she did not sleep. Oh sure, she'll take a half-hour nap every so often, but in general, she's way too busy. She started crawling before she was seven months old, and yesterday I glanced into the living room while I was doing dishes and saw this:

About a minute after this picture was taken, Juliet had flipped the basket over and pinned a very confused and sobbing Abigail.

I am so glad that my mellow, cuddly, I-sleep-forever-and-play-by-myself child was born while I was still in grad school, and my I-must-be-constantly-moving-and-never-sleeping child was born when there was a toddler eager to entertain her. And that crazy milestone-jumping Juliet can keep up.

That's my version of the "bright side" of never getting any down time with these two...excuse me. I have to go wrestle Juliet back down into her crib--today she realized that there was a way up and over. Oh, and she also figured out how to pull herself up to standing on the fireplace and then start to climb it (I pulled her off at that point, so I'm not sure how far she can go). I also caught her yesterday taking a few experimental steps while pushing the laundry basket in front of her...I am so not able to keep up with this child. Abigail didn't start walking until about fourteen months, so I had not even THOUGHT about baby-proofing until I walked into the kitchen and found Juliet, who had climbed into a cupboard area and was coolly chewing on a potato.

Oh, and have you seen our news? Scroll down!


Katrina said...

Oh man, if in utero movement is indicative of post-birth sleeping habits I am in trouble!

rachel said...

All I know is that my little one is going to have the hiccups 24-7 after she's born.

Amazing how different kids can be!

Laura Hanson said...

Elle started walking at 9 months (which I loved), so watch out!

Meghan said...

yeah, whatever (to your big news)


Meghan said...

haha, i love the look on jules' face as she prepares to flip abigail over!


(i just tried to type my name but my fingers were on the wrong keys and i wrote, "wliew" haha....

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