Wednesday, April 02, 2008

an update

Did you know that it was possible for a very nasty cold to actually suck your eardrums back, inverting all sorts of crucial things (like the Eustachian tube) and creating negative pressure in your ear(s)?

Much to our mutual sorrow, Juliet is proof positive of this. Here's hoping our perpetually expanding pharmacopoeia can help! (especially since our bedtime dosage now comes from six different tubes, jars, and vials, making me feel like Hypochondriac Mother Incarnate; you know, the one who's responsible for creating all those antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria through overuse of antibiotics...)


Megan said...

Oh no:( Poor little thing...and you too! Let's just hope she get's better soon and the rumbly in her tummy gets full soon!

Crapos said...

So, ummm, I hope the doctor gave you a reasonable idea of when the situation should correct itself. Everyone needs a light at the end of the tunnel.

Heatherbelle said...

I am so, so sorry! We finally got rid of the ear infections that have been plaguing Miles since Christmas! We spent every other week for the past four months at the doctors, and the pharmacist now knows me by name. Poor little Jules! If you need anything let me know. -Heather Turner

danielle said...

oh shoot...was hoping I was wrong. That is such a bummer! hope she gets better soon.

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