Tuesday, April 15, 2008

where we've been the last few days

Mostly grading, but who wants to hear about that? (Although I did accept an offer to teach again this fall). Here's the really interesting bits lately--or at least, whatever I have pictures of, because I have zero time to write.

Watching cockroach racing (yes, you read that right...fascinating in a twitchy itchy sort of way...)

...painting faces...

...reveling in the fact that spring, with all its farmer's market bounty, is just around the corner! Hurrah! and also, we're super excited about the fact that things are starting to come up in our garden (we planted lettuce a week ago and transplanted all the strawberries into a new location. Now if it would quit raining, we could plant the peas and broccoli). The tulips, bleeding heart, azaleas, and crabapples are all budding right outside the dining room window. Joy!!!

did i mention fresh veggies?

oh, and speaking of food...welcome to family night, chez nous. recipes to follow.

and last but not least, in the latest milestone, we have discovered that this little morsel:

is capable of single-handedly creating this.

All credit goes to Juliet--this was an Abigail-free zone. We're so conquering that whole pull-the-toy-basket-off-the-fireplace thing. And the bookcases. Oh yeah.


Kathryn said...

It's a good thing Juliet has such a sweet little innocent face. I love how she smiles for the camera.

Rosalind said...

who knew such a sweet innocent baby could turn so quickly into a Tasmanian devil?

tricki_nicki said...

Oh man, do those cinammon rolls look good. I need about four of those and a personal trainer.

The salad looks good too.

Andrea said...

Wow, Juliet is a busy one these days! Amazing how fast she's growing up. . .

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