Thursday, May 29, 2008

replenishing the soul

Today I have a reading hangover.

Yesterday I read four books (about 1300 pages). I don't know how I found time to do it in between running a house and mothering all day.

Oh wait. I remember. I didn't go to bed until 1:30 am (fully aware that Juliet would be up at 6:30).

Sometimes I overindulge.

But on another note, something I've been thinking about for awhile is taking time out for oneself (partially because this is the theme of our enrichment in a couple of weeks). What do you do that replenishes your soul, whether you're single, married, working, home with kids all day, male or female?

Mostly I read or exercise. Or I go to the library (by myself!!!) to find more books. Or I go running by myself. Lately I've been thinking about signing up for classes in something to further develop myself in a way that does not involve reading or running (especially on days when my calves hurt from running and my back hurts from reading in a crunched-up position). Classes like ballet (I haven't taken a dance class for about four years) or pottery or oil painting, all of which are taught at our local community center. Hmm.

What do you do to center yourself?


Victoria said...

I love running as a release, but must say going to a good movies(action, comedy or chic flick) with popcorn, diet coke and a fellow movie watcher(who comments through the movie oh so quietly) can do the trick when i need to revitalize - it is like my own 2 hour fantasy entertainment land (i really do forget there are other people most time).

sarah said...

I curl up with a book, or play The Sims 2 for hours....mostly I take my puppy out and throw a ball for her to chase. Good excerise for her & the act of throwing the ball as far as it'll go works as a release of fustration/anger/what have you.

jo said...

Good for you, taking that time for yourself w/ something you love! I think sometimes you have to do it, even if you lose some sleep.

Kilerkki said...

Am I seriously the first person to ask what books you read? I need recommendations!

Reading is my centering-myself activity of choice, too. I find that it engages me and draw me away from the world/work/writing for the time I need to recover energy. And often, even when I'm too tired or work-out to write, I'll read something that returns energy and inspiration.

rachel said...

Lately, I take a shower :). That's about all I can manage. I took a community tap class though a while ago and it was super fun.

Em said...

I can't even remember what I do to center myself -- I forgot right after I learned that you read 1300 pages yesterday -- WHA??? That is incredible!

I should read more. And run more.

Bob Rees said...

I forgot how disgustingly smart you are. It's been too long. But really, four books in a day? How have you been?

Autumn said...

Ahhh I've really been wanting to take a photo class.

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