Sunday, June 22, 2008

Abigail's favorite day

Let me just say--what goes around comes around.
When I was in elementary school, I went through a period of time (six months? Three years?) where I insisted on wearing a dress to school every day, preferably the same dress. It was a poofy Easter dress with flowers all over it, and I'm sure it must have driven my mother absolutely mad, but she let me wear it.

As we speak, Abigail is asleep in her bed wearing her favorite dress (although it's mostly because she fell asleep on my bed, well, actually, Neil, Abigail, and I all fell asleep on the bed around 6:45 after I put Jules to bed and then when we woke up half an hour later we just put Abigail to bed in her dress). Anyway, my point is, Abigail loves nothing quite so much as dresses, so it drives her absolutely crazy that I don't wear a dress every day (because after all, SHE does! Unless she's just wearing nothing, or her swimming suit). In fact, we were out in the garden last week and I looked over to see her running around naked, and I yelled, "Abigail! Put your clothes back on!" and she shot back, "No! They are garden clothes and they are UGLY and have dirt on them!"
She's becoming quite the little fashionista, and never fails to comment on my choice of outfit/accessories. In fact, I wear a lot more jewelry now than I did two months ago, just because it placates Abigail (and I don't want her to be ashamed of her mommy at the tender age of three).

So our conversation in the morning usually goes something like this:

Me: What should I wear today?
Abigail: How about a beautiful dress?
Me: Um...I would love to, but I have to weed the garden and dresses aren't good weeding clothes. How about jeans? Those are good weeding clothes.

Abigail: Well, I think they are ugly, but I guess you can wear them. I will wear a beautiful dress. Maybe you can just wear some beautiful earrings and necklaces.
Anyway, so today Abigail came RUNNING in and said, "It's Sunday! You can wear a dress! Please you will wear the beautiful pink dress for Ruth's wedding!?!"
So I did.

And she was ecstatic all day, and spent most of sacrament meeting with her head in my lap tracing the flowers and whispering, "I really like this beautiful dress, Mommy. It makes me so happy because it is pink." Poor little kid--it's the first dress I've bought since my own wedding dress (usually I just wear skirts, most of which are from high school and getting a bit elderly) and I've never seen so much vicarious excitement in someone twice (or twice twenty) her age.

Even if she doesn't look very happy in this picture (she was sulking because I made her wear a shirt under the sleeveless dress).

Oh...and did I mention she now picks out Neil's ties on Sunday? It's one of the highlights of her week.


Elise Decker said...

I LOVE that dress!!!! man, i wish they had it in another color besides gray cause i love it and want one just like it!!!!!!! it is so cute! and i think i know where she gets the jeans are ugly--remember in high school when you never ever wore jeans but you eventually realized your mistake? she will too...maybe

Nate & Nicole said...


You and your girls are so cute! I can completely relate to Abigail's dress obsession... I was the same way. I only wore skirts and dresses (and still played hard in those skirts and dresses) for most of elementary school. And then, my first pair of pants that I would actually wear were a pair of light pink jeans with a matching light pink jean jacket. Lovely. (What can I say, it was the eighties!).

Anyway, it's fun to see your little family and to see what you're up to. Crazy how much life has changed for all of us in the past few years since grad school, huh?! Take care.


mama.laughead said...

Hi Rachael,
This is Candace. I just found a link to your blog. I was wondering if you have chanced upon the Fancy Nancy books. They are very cute.
Eva loves dresses too and if she sees my jewelry, she will tell me "Mommy, you wear the necklace(earrings, rings)." It is too adorable for noncompliance. I am pretty sure that she wears my heeled shoes more often than I do.
I'll be reading your blog in reverse order for awhile. Hope life is great.

Rachael said...

Elise, you should just get it anyway in pink. I love it! and yeah...I didn't wear jeans period until about the first year after Abigail was born.

Nicole, I loved your description of your denim outfit. I have some similar memories of my 80s fashion...stirrup pants and tunics. lovely! What are you up to these days?

Candace, we do indeed know the Fancy Nancy books--Abigail loves them! I love how sweet Nancy's parents are and how they dress up with her. So cute!

Ruth Decker said...

you are so tiny!! good thing my wedding dress flares out at the bottom so I will still look skinnier!! haha :)

Meghan said...

That dress is lovely! Do you think anyone would notice if Elise wore the same one? Or will they think you two are the chosen ones bc you're bridesmaids together, and for some reason Ruth doesn't like her other two sisters?
You remember me being kinder and more tolerant than I was. I remember telling you that you could not wear a dress (for whatever reason; playing in the snow, playing in the dirt, etc) and threatening to put up all your dresses on the highest shelf of the closet for a week if you didn't wear pants right now. Many tears and quite a power struggle, but I won bc the threat was so horrible. I'm glad you still like me. I hope.

Rachael said...

I think (unless everyone else already has one) that we could all wear the same dress. It's not like any of us will really be living near each other and would look dorky in matching dresses later...I really like the dress!

Kayli said...

That really is a beautiful dress and you make it look especially gorgeous!!

Abigail is funny. I don't think Hazel is quite as concerned about it, but she likes wearing dresses and skirts best too--she gets sad when I try to get her to just wear shorts or pants once in a while.

Where did you get that dress?

lanada said...

someday when abigail's older, we'll have a jolly time talking about you:

"aunt jen, my mom was so mean when i was little. she FORCED me to wear jeans and i hated them!"

"well let me tell you about the time when your mom had to borrow my jeans because she didn't own any..."

Ruth Decker said...

ughh i might have to veto the matching dress idea. pick your own, but please pick different ones!!

danielle said...

I love dresses! My mom was just telling me about a book she read that said you should just put on a dress, even to do housework, because most housework these days isn't very heavy, and wearing a dress will make us feel better about ourselves. I kind of agree. Except most days I don't get out of my jammies till about five (if at all). Bad habbit.

Autumn said...

very pretty dress-I too normally don't wear dresses-though Jake loves them. Currently in the same plight for Jill's wedding.

Rosalind said...

AAH your dress is so CUTE!! mary beth and i just went shopping 2 days ago and got her a couple dresses..they are adorable. i'm really excited. i have my dress, too. :) yayayay!

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