Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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How to Rotate Your Food Storage

by Juliet

Step 1: Begin with a sunny evening, a number-ten can of chocolate pudding mix, a big sheet of paper, a kiddie pool, and two adults.

Step 2: Mix up one batch of pudding and plunk it down on the paper. Add children.

Step 3: Stand back. Well back.

Step 4: Be forewarned that if you're not getting in on the fun, I, Juliet, will do my best to do it for you.

Step 5: Just enjoy the melee.

Step 6: Transfer children to kiddie pool (this portion's pictures edited due to fact that both children were sans clothes. Rest assured, however, that a great deal of splashing ensued, and at one point, oldest child jumped out of the pool, retrieved the bowl of pudding, and both children ate it in fistfuls while sitting in the pool. Then they washed the bowl quite thoroughly in the pool).

Step 7: You may need a hose. And definitely a warm bath afterwards. That is, if your children had as much fun as Miss Juliet did.

Step 8: Enjoy a very quiet evening with your husband, because your worn-out children will sleep soundly like this (although perhaps they may not share Abigail's aversion to any form of clothing whatsoever in the summer months):


The Shabby Princess said...

So cute and so hilarious! I love it. Leave it to the little ones to find joy in such simple and silly things. They are precious!

lanada said...

this is actually fun for adults too. especially in the form of CHOCOLATE PUDDING TWISTER.

i promise, my experience was totally non-scandalous. but if you wanna roll that way, who am i to say no?

Katrina said...

I'm pretty sure there is not much that children could enjoy more than parent sanctioned messiness and chocolate.

joanna said...

I have always wondered about that time when there is so much devastation in the world that we'll be clutching our gigantic cans of pudding from our food storage. What will that time be like? Chocolatey, I hope.
By the way, great idea for rotation! We tend to just eat the food.

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