Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day pictorial special

Disclaimer: this post may not be of much interest to you unless you're related to me (or you just like pictures).

This Father's Day, I've been reflecting on all the fathers in my life. And how lucky I am to have them, and more especially how lucky my girls are to have all these wonderful men setting an example for them of what "real men" are and what they do.

So here are the images that show some of my favorite father moments.

Dad with Jules

Dad at my wedding

Juliet's blessing: Uncle Dave, Uncle Caleb, (bishopbric member), Neil, and Grandpa Steve (and Mikal!)

Neil holding Jules in the hospital

Dad and Abigail

My Grandpa Ed (Papa), Neil, and Dad, holding Abigail

One of the qualities I really looked for in a husband, thanks to seeing it in my dad, was someone who truly loved to play with children. Neil's got that in spades. And obviously, so does Dad.

Papa and Juliet

Dad with Abigail

Abigail, firmly entrenched on Grandpa Steve's lap

And finally, two of my very favorite pictures (and no, I don't have a scanner, and yes, that is a camera flash because I had to take pictures of the pictures): Dad holding me when I was a baby.

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Kilerkki said...

Thank you for posting those.

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