Thursday, June 19, 2008

it's all fun and jams...

Bet you're wishing you lived in the Midwest right about now...

The weather was perfect--sunny and breezy. Perfect shorts weather without ever worrying about breaking into a sweat.

The cherries were succulent and plentiful. The Goldfish were just plentiful.

It was, in short, a perfect family evening. Talk about "wholesome family activities."

And the proprietor, as always, was delightfully friendly and welcoming. Abigail especially enjoyed the ride out to the orchard (and Juliet just about went crazy watching her from the stroller).

It was a good night.

Now let me cure whatever cherry envy you may have developed, because when Neil went to play basketball that night I thought I'd polish off a batch or two of jam.

I like to call this look "vintage farmhouse patina."

In retrospect, I would have been fine had I remembered to use the big stockpot. As I watched the flames from the burning jam (boiled over and spread into the burners), I was pretty sure I wouldn't ever forget again. Especially after scrubbing the stove for the next hour. Oh, and yes, it did indeed jell. All over the stove. Quite well, in fact. And on the floor, and the counters, and the sink, and the cabinets (it was kind of frantic there for a while. What with the flames and the boiling jam and boiling water and cherries everywhere. Oh, and with Neil gone and with the kids sound asleep, so I was panicking very quietly. More like hyperventilating, come to think of it).

But all's well that ends well...there are rows of cherry jam in the pantry now and I had a good run at 11:30 p.m. last night to work off the angst. And I am REALLY excited about this jam!! And humbled about my kitchen prowess.

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lanada said...

sorry about the jam mishap. and jealous of your weather. it's getting so hot that even nighttime walks are almost out of the question.

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