Friday, June 20, 2008

one of the "moments"

Sometimes putting Abigail on the floor to wake her up works; sometimes it doesn't.

You know how people (like Elder Ballard) tell us about the shining moments of motherhood (that definitely don't happen all the time, but should really be appreciated when they do?)
For me, one of those shining moments is when I don't have urgent commitments early in the morning (read: I stayed up late last night catching up on housework--hideous thought--so I felt perfectly justified in taking it slow this morning) and I can wake my girls up by climbing into bed with them and rubbing their little tummies and smelling their Johnson & Johnson-perfumed hair and wrapping our arms around each other and talking about our dreams. Bliss, I tell you.
And it makes up for five minutes after we climb out of bed and I find Juliet up to her wrists in Vaseline (my lip balm of choice when not wearing lipstick, sad to say, which I always lose, so there are things of it all over the house. And let me tell you, washing baby hands is hard enough on a regular basis, much more so when they're covered 1/4 inch deep in sticky goo).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel, She is soo Cute! We are missing you guys and Indiana!

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