Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a daily life update

Increasingly creative in my efforts to hydrate Juliet...strawberry smoothie, anyone?

Right now I'm going insane.

Let me qualify that. Here's what's really bothering me:

  • The internet connection lately has been TERRIBLE, just when I absolutely vitally need it (online editing project that needs to be done pronto). Plus, I'm totally disconnected. I can't check if the library has storytime today or if it doesn't start up again for another week, I can't find the number of the apple orchard, I don't know the weather forecast. I have to call Neil at work and ask him to check my email. It's driving me nuts.
  • I'm in the process of a) trying to wean Juliet from nursing and b) trying to transition Juliet between two naps to one nap. I'm not sure how well either is working...mostly I have a dehydrated little baby who is so tired she refuses to take nap, period (but still wakes up nice and early in the morning. Plus, her morning nap is when I usually run on the treadmill, so now I have to find a new time to exercise (I don't like to do it at night).
  • Despite daily weeding and careful watering, my garden has been very disappointing this year. We had a very late, wet, cold spring, then we were gone for a couple weeks in July, and the combination seems to have devastated plant production. Last year we were spending (literally) every evening harvesting and processing produce; this year we've gotten only handfuls from the peas and beans, a grand total of 4 zucchini (from six plants), etc. I had high hopes for the tomatoes and peppers, but it's starting to get pretty chilly at night, so those may be toast too without the long hot days of August and September to do their thing. I can't even tell you how depressing this is to me--I'm such a natural foods junkie that every time I go out into my garden I just get angry (especially since I weeded EVERY SINGLE DAY).

So that's what I'm grumpy about. On the plus side, the cooler weather and lousy garden has allowed for more family fun time in the evening (bike rides with a chaser of strawberry smoothies last night!) I canned 2 cases of peaches last week, and I'm planning to do applesauce this weekend or next week, and Abigail and I feasted on freshly baked baguettes (we started the dough rising during breakfast), creamy ripe Brie, and juicy grapes for lunch. A true child o'mine, Abigail approves of Brie. Good girl!


Crapos said...

Misery loves company, right? So I'm frustrated with insta-care doctors who say I have allergies then give me meds that don't do anything and little girls who decide to be very naughty and don't listen to what I say even after the fifth time in a row. And does Julesie like milk? Sadie didn't after breastfeeding. Until we put Nestle powder in. I started at 1.5 teaspoons and cut out half a teaspoon every few days. Worked like a charm!

Elise Decker said...

Give Juliet pink lemonade! she downed it like crazy here, but you have to be sure that she stops to breathe!

rachel said...

Same as our garden this year!! It's a total dud. I didn't do anything different and we don't even have one zucchini, which usually grown like weeds. The only thing that's working are the tomatoes and we planted those early with walls of water and they're only now starting to ripen. And the weird thing is that my friend down the street honestly has a jungle of a garden growing. I think hers is in a cooler spot because it didn't do nearly as well as ours did last year. This year's just been hotter.

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