Monday, August 11, 2008

Juliet's birthday (part I)

I haven't been a very good blogger lately in terms of what's actually going on. Juliet's birthday? Mentioned it in passing. Her surgery? That got a quick mention too. The fact that Neil's parents were here last week (visiting from Utah?) I didn't even manage to break out my camera, much less blog.

So now I'm noting all of those and trying to make up for my bad blogger ways, but to justify myself, I will note tht the last month has been insanely busy, and we're still not back into anything approximating our normal routines.

And here are some pictures from Juliet's birthday, which we celebrated with Neil's parents (I did manage to take a few pictures of presents and her 1st cake, but that was about it).

Oh, and here's Jules sneaking in a few quick hors d'ouevres. Can't beat those Crayolas for taste and texture, eh? (We did have her favorites for dinner later: roasted garlic soup followed by veggie-stuffed omelettes with fresh baguetttes).

Here's Jules with her mini cake. I borrowed Abigail's bundt pan, and it turned out pretty dang cute. I don't go in much for cake decorating, but I love the flavor of lemon poppyseed.

Juliet--very daintily--ate ALL her cake.

And she climbed on her presents (this is what Abigail picked out for her...)

..and both she and Abigail fell in love with this toy phone from Neil's parents...

...and then we ate this (Abigail was quite relieved, since when Juliet demolished her cake she [Abigail] thought she wasn't going to get any cake, since Julesie ate it all).


joanna said...

She ate ALL of her cake -- that's awesome! Go, Juliet!

Elise Decker said...

oh man, that cake looks good....

rachel said...

Wow--I can't believe she's already a year old! She's such a cutie.

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