Monday, August 18, 2008

one more

Not like I haven't posted enough today already, but...I keep thinking I need to do a little "where Juliet is now" post for my chronicles.

Juliet is essentially walking now (she has been taking steps for almost two months, but she's more confident now and can walk as far as she wants). When we say "Up! Up!" she stands up and holds out her chubby little arms and wobbles toward us. Her feet are still so cuddly and fat that she has to curl her toes to maintain her balance.
Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds: we now recognize the words "Mama" and "Daddy" (not Dada anymore!) and "Ahba!", plus dollie, dog, more, no, out, down, hi, wow, whoa, whee, and bumpy (that one was a surprise on a VERY bumpy road). I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but essentially she's imitating most of what she hears now (especially from Abigail).

She likes to make barking noises at any animal she sees, and will pound her pointer finger onto a picture in a book until we tell her what she's seeing (speaking of which, she LOVES books, and is pretty careful with them, even if they're not board books). Julesie likes to color, and she especially likes to chew on crayons when she thinks we're not looking. She's a real climber these days, and has been able to get down from things (like the couch) for about a month now. One of her favorite games is to run across the couch and fall facedown on the cushions--it makes her giggle hysterically, and she's content to play her couch game for as long as we leave her on the couch--or bed--or any cushy surface. She will now climb all the way up our slide and then slide back down, saying "wheeeeee!" in her darling little baby voice. One of her favorite toys is Abigail's little kitchen--she loves to stir up the plastic food with a spoon in her favorite little bowl. She adores her blankie, the sheepskin rug, and adopts a different stuffed animal every day (let's just say that Neil isn't the only candidate for George's (the stuffed elephant) affections).
And last but not least--her favorite food is STILL black beans.


Mack Hardy said...

That's funny about the bumpy road... the first thing I EVER read when I was like 3 or 4 was the word "Bump" on a road sign! Coincidence? I think.. well... okay, probably.

Neil said...

She may be gentle with most books, but there have been two pop-up books that have met untimely, shredded deaths at her chubby hands

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