Sunday, September 21, 2008

busy weekend

This weekend has gone pretty fast--lots of things to do.

For starters, we had a ward social on Friday. Since our ward is pretty transient with all the grad students, we always have big socials in the fall as sort of an introductory thing for all the new families. It's nice, but this year I felt like I didn't get to talk much with anyone because I was so busy chasing after wayward children dumping sand in their hair or making a wild break for the woods.

We came home with two very sand-encrusted children. I was so thankful for the patience of the older youth playing volleyball--they were really careful not to tromp on the thirty or so little kids digging in the sand at the edge of the court.

Case in point--here I am trying to hold Juliet in my lap while I chatted with a friend. Juliet was ready to get back to sand-throwing.

Abigail with her best friend Elise--it is so wonderful how well these two little girlies get along. At the same time, it makes me so sad to think about how devastated Abigail will be when they move in a year or so.

But for now we'll just enjoy the friendship.

On Saturday we went to a nearby town for their apple and popcorn festival. I admit I was a little disappointed--I was hoping for tons of apples everywhere and all kinds of apple pies, turnovers, crisps, cobblers, and caramels...and there were like 2 people selling apples and a booth giving away microwave popcorn. Mostly there were a LOT of people selling what Neil calls "handicraps."

But we did find a selection of the most beautiful cucurbits and chrysanthemums I have ever seen. I wanted to take every single one home with me. I especially liked the speckled warty ones. In the end, however, I restrained myself to a few mini gourds, a pie pumpkin for each of the girls (Abigail's pumpkin has been lovingly wrapped in a soft scarf and carried around with her all weekend while she whispers soft nothings to it), and a big orange and white striped lovely. But oh, how I wish I had the space to grow all of these at my house, because I LOVE the variety and the colors and the interestingness of them all! Don't these just shout "AUTUMN!" to you?

After various projects and heaps of grading, we wound up our Saturday by babysitting for our date night group. Six little girls--it was quite the night. Let's just say there were a lot of princess-related activities going on.

And then the kids went home, we put our girls to bed, I started making pesto, and Neil slashed through his hand with the immersion blender. There was blood all over the kitchen (it looks like someone shook a paintbrush filled with red paint all over the cabinets and walls and floor). There was blood all over Neil. There were a few very panicked minutes (although I calmed down once I realized that all the blood was only coming from one finger, not the three that I had originally thought. He ended up with a deep cut all the way around his left index finger that wrapped around and extended through the nail. We ended up deciding not to go to the ER, since the bleeding stopped, the cut didn't seem to be gaping, and he could still feel everything but he will probably go in and have it checked today or tomorrow for nerve/circulation damage.
In other words, an exciting wrapup to a low-key day!


Elise Decker said...

cute pictures! and i especially like the one with neil and all the little girls....and glad his hand is okay!

joanna said...

I think my Alex made it to your ward social last weekend! :)

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