Tuesday, September 02, 2008

conversations with abigail

Snapshot at our house: 8:48 p.m. Neil's reading stuff for work, I'm at the piano playing Mozart's Rond0 Alla Turca, Abigail is lying in the doorway to her room wearing only underwear and reading stories to herself (while all three of us pretend that she's in bed asleep in a tacit agreement to ignore the obvious as long as she's quiet) and Juliet is singing to herself in her crib. Time for some Abigailisms.

At dinner:

Abigail: "Dad, Mommy is my mom because I grew in her tummy. What makes you my daddy?"

Neil: "Well, daddies are the ones who put the babies in the mommies' tummies."

Abigail: "Oh. Pause. That's beautiful. Just beautiful."

Waiting to turn while driving:

Abigail: "Mommy, those cars are sure going fast."

Me: "Yes, they certainly are."

Abigail: "We have to be careful that they don't smash us."

Me: "Yes. That's why we're sitting here--we're waiting for our turn."

Abigail: "Sometimes cars smash people and they blood all over the road."

Me: "Um..."

Abigail: "And then a big truck comes along with a shovel and scoops up the people who are blooding and takes them to get fixed."

Me: "What?"

Abigail: "I like to pretend that the truck is pink. And it looks like a pig, like the pig balloon in the parade with Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Steve."

Life with three-year-olds...never a dull moment.


Meghan said...

You're amazing--Mozart and the computer at the same time? Beautiful. Just beautiful.

lanada said...

keep the funny coming, babygail.

Kritta22 said...

She is soo funny...a pink pig truck to shovel all the hurt people up! I love it!!

Autumn said...

HAHA!! I LOVE that. Nice response, Neil. I love it that she's processing this.

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