Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm really loving the haircut. No regrets!

I don't have much time to write today, but I've been thinking a lot lately about how blessed I am and how many delightful things there are in my life. So I wanted to take five minutes and jot down some of those:
  • Going to the library book sale this weekend, a quarterly activity that I look forward to so much. This was probably the best one yet that I've been to, and I found some real treasures--lots of out-of-print books that I remember from my childhood and I've had so much fun reading to the kids over the weekend.
  • Starting up our date-night group again! Neil and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date (six years ago) and our first date in several months by doing lots of kid-unfriendly activities. We went out for a lovely candle-lit Thai dinner (extremely spicy, and the best eggplant I've ever had in my life), browsed through our favorite kitchen supply store, then walked around downtown in the rain, venturing into a few antiques shops, listening to the music on the street, and generally just having fun holding hands and being able to walk side by side.

A typical Neil the Engineer solution to a dilemma: no panini press? No problem.

  • Watching the PBS documentary on the Mormons. I know it aired forever ago, but since we don't have cable we didn't see it, so I was really excited to see that the library had the DVD last week. We watched the first half last night, and had lots of things to discuss afterwards.
  • I've been having so much fun talking about the upcoming election with Neil. It's sparked lots of animated discussions in our house, and we keep emailing each other links to various articles and speeches so that both of us can "read up" before that night's chat. We try to make sure we have conversations on a regular basis about things other than our kids, the house, etc., so the election is providing lots of fodder!
  • Teaching--my classes are going really well and it's always so rewarding to see what a difference some instruction is making in my students' writing and level of confidence. We're just finishing up the introductory unit, which is on resumes and cover letters, and it's great to hear from various class members how much they've learned and to see the ENORMOUS differences in content and organization that they've been implementing in such an important set of documents. It makes me feel very satisfied.
    Abigail's side job: the Dinnertime Tortilla Phantom
  • Watching my girls' personalities develop and seeing their individuality. They're both so creative and imaginative and fun, whether Juliet is saying "chuh, chuh, chuh" as she drags a wooden train around a track, or Abigail is donning a set of fairy wings and leaping off a table (when my back is turned) "just to see if I could fly real high, Mom, but I don't think it worked, so I probably need a higher table, okay?" Today Abigail declared a sheet of bubble wrap "her country" and was making up all sorts of stories about it. And Juliet loves to pull down all the kitchen towels and takes them back to the laundry room, which is her "den." She sits on the rug in front of the garage door, next to the washer, in a heap of toys and kitchen towels and shoes, and sings herself songs and plays and tries on everyone's shoes. It's the first place we always look when she goes missing--she just loves it there for some reason (and we are going through kitchen towels like crazy).

My teeny adorable Pocahantas. She loved wearing this...


Crapos said...

Such cute girls. I love hearing about all the fun things they do.

Elise Decker said...

it totally makes my day when you have a fun, picture filled new blog post!

Bob Rees said...

Speaking of the election, what are your thoughts?

Meg said...

That first picture is so cute! Juliet is so beautiful...her eyes are captivating in that picture:)

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