Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hodge podge

  • It's getting colder here! Yesterday when we drove to the grocery store it was 57 degrees; we took our walk later wearing hats and sweaters. Today when I left at 7:30 to walk to the bus stop, I was a bit chilly wearing a light sweater and long pants. I LOVE FALL!
  • Why do I love fall? Partially because it reminds me so much of our courtship. Neil and I first met six years ago today sitting next to each other in Honors American Heritage at BYU. I was a sophomore and had just turned 19; he was 22 and about six months off his mission. He struck up a conversation; I invited him to go to Devotional with my roommate and me (since he didn't really know anyone yet); he accepted, asked me out on a date two days later, and the rest is history.
  • Both of my kids are obsessed with books that are way beyond them. For instance, Juliet spent an entire day last week running around with The Picture of Dorian Gray. Neil tried to take it away from her before we went somewhere, and she screamed so much that we gave in and ended up going to the hardware store toting a Oscar Wilde-espousing infant. Other recent favorites include The Virginian (which she dumped in the toilet, which really made me mad, since that's one of my very favorite books), The Age of Innocence, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, The Portrait of a Lady (that's my girl! Remember, that was the central work for my master's thesis), and The Jungle Book. Her all-time favorite appears to be The Wind in the Willows. What really amuses me is that she will sit down and carefully thumb through the pages (all text! no pictures!) for a loooong time. Crazy kid.
  • And speaking of books...Abigail was curled up on the couch today with a cookbook and reading aloud to Juliet "Then Nephi told them to go find the chief judge. He would be lying in a pool of his OWN BLOOD! Murdered by his own brudder! His brudder!" (um...can you tell she's obsessed with Book of Mormon stories right now? And primarily the bloodthirsty ones? She told me today, rather gleefully, that Moroni was going off to kill the bad soldiers. O-kaay.
  • Last weekend Neil and I both ended up getting a "gift" for ourselves (little purchases we've been debating for a while; it just randomly ended up both being at the same time). I thought our choices were funny when I juxtaposed them together afterwards. Ever-practical Neil bought more memory for the computer off some computer nerd website. Why? Because he thinks the computer is slowing down. Which is true.

    I bought a milk glass cake stand from eBay. Here was my reasoning: it bothers me to serve decorative exciting things on regular plates. Milk glass is cool because it's vintage and unique, not Walmart-manufactured and generic...but it's still really cheap on eBay. It has history. I tried to explain to Neil that it's the perfect solution to his holiday what-do-I-get-Rachael woes...a collection of $10 sweet-looking cake stands. I don't know if he really bought that idea, but I bet he'll be won over once he experiences the awesomeness of eating dinner off a cake stand (because he told me that if I was going to buy it, I better use it all the time to justify its presence. So dangit, I will!) And plus it was really exciting to buy something that was beautiful, not functional (as opposed to buying groceries, or little kid shoes, or paying the sewer bill. You know, things like that).
  • Yesterday I made dilly beans. A lot of dilly beans (pickled green beans), because they are like Neil's favorite thing ever. I snapped the ends off of 15 lbs of green beans and made brine and bottled and processed all through naptime. I was so tired by dinner that when Neil came home to our pickle-smelling house I ended up locking myself in our bedroom alone with my dinner so that I could follow the "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" rule, because I knew I was not capable of being pleasant at that point to two very whiny children. So I stayed in my room until I was nice again and then I came out and did the dishes and read stories to the kids, and I was nice the rest of the day, except for that one time that I said a bad word in connection with the idea of painting the fence that night.
  • Another thought: I keep reminding Neil that we need to go to the temple, like ASAP, because we haven't been since July. Is it bad that part of my motivation in really wanting to go SOON is because I also want to go to Ikea, Anthropologie, and Whole Foods while we're up in Chicago? And the zoo?
  • And last but not least, Abigail has developed this Little Orphan Annie habit of sighing wistfully and saying in a very small, I-know-I'll-be-denied-but-perhaps-someday-my-dreams-will-come-true voice, "Oh, I wish I could have _____." So far it's been really funny to hear what she asks for. Some of my personal favorites thus far include a trampoline castle, a trip to the grocery store with the horsey ride, "fun," an umbrella, a pink ballerina doll, and--the one that really cracked me up--a brother.

And now I've got all my pent-up writing energy and rambling out and I am going to go READ! At naptime! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR WEEKS!!!! I really should run, but I think I'll take my bike to the farmer's market today instead and count that for my exercise (believe me, it's serious exercise when you're pulling 70 lbs of children and bike trailer. Against the wind).


Crapos said...

So I want to see the cake stand. I tried to convince my mother-in-law to buy tons of milk glass for my sister-in-laws wedding twom months ago but no one saw my vision. And my boy does the same things with my books. There's one random young adult hardcover book with a ribbon marker that he will just carry around the house all day.

Kilerkki said...

*sniggers SO HARD at Book of Mormon stories. Like, hard enough to weird out the guy at the next carrel*

How come you forgot your favorite sister's birthday as one of the awesome things about Fall? (Dude... I'll be older than Neil was when you got married. WEIRD.)

Rachael said...

I have a favorite sister?

I have sisters?

No, seriously, want to know something funny? I didn't even get Neil's age right...he was 21 when we met. Although he was 22 when we got married. ANd yes, you will be older than him--but think about this happy thought: he was just starting college. You're starting law school! Yay!

Kilerkki said...

Okay, okay, Neil's birthday is in the fall. Plus Ruth's. And Halloween and Thanksgiving and crisp leaves and cool days and fun storms. Pretty much it's party time all season long!

And I will still probably graduate before him. If Dr. Chin liked Neil less, would he let him graduate?

Elise Decker said...

his own brudder!!!! i love it!!

dougandcheryl said...

Hi. I saw your blog on the LDS moms blog page. I clicked on it because of the name Chronicles of Abigail. I also have an Abigail. She will be three in a few months. You have a really cute family. It's great that your daughter likes to read so much. Mine does too.

rachel said...

I too love fall--it feels like New Year's (academic schedule will always be in my blood).

I just have to say that though Juliet always looks like a miniature you, she looks strikingly like Neil in that picture. Not sure why.

joanna said...

I'm still laughing about Abigail - "his brudder! his brudder!" That's awesome she rememebered the details of that story.

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