Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my gal pals

Today the girls and I spent an hour decorating the sidewalk, ourselves, the grass, etc. with sidewalk chalk. It was so fun just relaxing with them and enjoying ourselves with a pile of grapes and Goldfishie crackers. And especially fun because I spent most of the time laughing hysterically at my kids--Juliet discovered that if she spat grapes out of her mouth with a "pop" noise, Abigail will laugh like a maniac, so that kept both of them entertained for a LONG time.

And then, of course, there were the classic Abigailisms, like "Careful, Mommy, because if you bask in the sun for too long you will turn all pink." Bask! I love that child's vocabulary. And then there was "Mommy, you traced me and I traced you, so now let's just draw Daddy so we have our family. Make sure you draw him with no hair and long legs," or when she looked over at Juliet's chalk-besmeared face, scrunched up her nose thoughtfully, then announced, "Mommy, I'm going to draw all over me so I'll look like Juliet."

Oh, those girls. They keep me laughing. A very welcome respite after two hours of grading during naptime--always fun to have them wake up and be my buddies again.

And last but not least, we picked up some new kicks for Juliet today, who is officially to the point where she must be shod when going outside. Words cannot describe how much this child loves these shoes. Tongue cannot tell the glee with which they were greeted--the giggling, the squealing, the hugging-to-herself.

Of course, they are pretty dang cute. I'd like a pair like this myself.

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Crapos said...

What cute shoes! And I'm so jealous of your outdoor adventures! It's STILL too hot in the desert to spend too much time out. Actually, the 90-degree weather is quite pleasant after the 115 of the summer but the sun is still burning hot and the mosquitos are swarming.

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