Monday, September 22, 2008

nothing to say, yet somehow a lot to say

I feel like I should blog just out of habit, although I really don't have anything much to say, other than I WISH I HAD MORE TIME. Today has been one of those mad scramble dash days. Teaching in the morning followed up by visiting teaching followed by frantic grading, email-responding, website-fixing, and bill-paying while the girls nap (or while Juliet naps and Abigail looks at books in her room).

Can I just say what a blessing to my sanity it is that Abigail will (usually) stay in her room for two hours entertaining herself? I realize this is an unusual quality in a three-year-old. I am beyond grateful. And speaking of three-year-olds, the star chart that we did to improve her mealtime manners worked so well that we're doing one for general obedience (although it's rather complex and involves moving fuzzy pompoms from "happy face" and "sad face" jars depending on whether she obeys or not, then they're totaled at the end of the day and if the majority are in the happy jar she gets a smiley face on her chart). Guess what her prizes are for seven days of good behavior? Little Mermaid underwear. I'll have to remember these days with fondness when she's sixteen and insisting that she just really needs her own car.

Mondays are always hectic, it seems. Neil is home for an hour or so for dinner and FHE, then he goes back to the lab until midnight or so, so a lot of the day feels like we're just in super-work mode. I'm glad that I'm mostly through my to-do list for the day (although I still need to clean the kitchen, read stories to the girls, put clean sheets on my bed, and run my 3 miles), and I'm glad that I have a very simple dinner planned tonight: fresh whole-wheat bread, roasted sweet potatoes casseroled with homemade applesauce, ginger, and coconut, Muenster cheese, antique apples (from the apple festival Saturday), garden tomatoes, and the last of the summer's fresh beans.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Meghan said...

I assume the cheese is home-made?

rachel said...

Yum--I want that recipe!

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