Friday, September 05, 2008

a tag...for Juliet

Name: Juliet Elizabeth
Name meaning: "downy," oddly enough. Whatever...
Age: 13 months
Nicknames: Jules, Julesie, Julesiesnack, Julesiecat, Juliesiemouse,'s like a zoo over here. Oh, and let's not forget Gibbersnack (Abigail and Neil have their own language...half the conversations at our house are comprised primarily of words known to no linguist).
Favorite activities: Looking at books, climbing up the slide, running back and forth on the couch
Favorite Foods: Black beans (although this is waning), peaches, cheese, eggs, peas
Least favorite foods: Cow's milk, meat
Favorite music: You know those Leapfrog alphabet things? Yeah, Juliet tries to sing along with the ABC song. It's pretty dang cute.
Favorite toys: Fisher Price Little People, Curious George the elephant
Favorite book: Mommy Loves Me and this peekaboo book she tore up in a fit of rage on the last leg of the drive home from Utah
Favorite item of clothing: Abigail's raccoon hat
What makes her happy: Hearing Neil's voice when he comes home, going in to Abigail's room after her nap, or running like crazy into my arms
What makes her sad: Naps
Now I tag: Kayli's Ethne, Nicole's Will, Ashley's "Handsome Face," Kristin's Jeffrey, and Heather's Miles


joanna said...

What a cute idea!
I might steal this, if you don't mind. . . unless you do. :)

Rachael said...

go for it! consider yourself officially tagged.

Nate and Nicole said...

Thanks for the tag, it's a cute one. I'll have to do it soon.

I did have some questions for you about weaning... I remember you wrote that you just weaned Juliet. I can't find your email address, will you email me so I can email you back?


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