Tuesday, October 21, 2008

and another link

I don't have any great posts today, but my dear friend Rachel does. I love the fact that she is treating the topic of breastfeeding children with the same intellectual approach (a combination of keen perception and personal anecdote) that made her papers so interesting to read in grad school.

Today I am having a day where I would very much like to be at lunch with my witty grad school pals discussing everything and anything. My friends, I miss you!


rachel said...

That's a sweet comment--thanks. I too miss grad school buddies. I was telling Josh just yesterday that it's so strange how you spend two intense years with a pretty small group of people and get really close only to never see them again or even know what's going on with most of them (basically anyone without a blog). Maybe I'm just bad at keeping in touch . . .

Nate and Nicole said...

Once again, I'm a little behind in my blog reading! But, just wanted to say ditto (how's that for witty and smart? Ha) to what you said about Rachel's post. Loved it. I miss everyone, too. I'm bad at keeping in touch, so thank goodness for blogs!!

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