Sunday, October 12, 2008

be prepared

The past couple of weeks/months have not been ideal. We've been incredibly busy, Juliet has been sick since August, I've been knocked out for the last two weeks, and sometimes it seems like we're holding it together from day to day. Granted, they're generally good days, but I've been letting some things slide. We always have family home evening and daily family prayer, but scripture study as a family has been pretty hit-and-miss. We have prayer as a couple every night, but my personal prayers are more on the run throughout the day, and I'm generally so tired at night that I fall asleep before I finish. I read my scriptures every night, but I'm not exactly studying. In other words, we're doing what we should be doing...most of the time. Not quite 100%. It's more like attention divided on everything, and not necessarily placing the most focus where it should be.

When I packed for our trip on Wednesday, I multi-tasked. The girls each had a friend over to play, and I took advantage of that time to pack everyone's clothes, running back and forth between dressers and toys rather than focusing 100% on either the children or the packing.

On Friday while talking with my mom, I suddenly realized I had completely forgotten to pack any of the things we needed for the temple. No temple clothes, no temple bags. We happened to have our recommends by sheer chance (usually mine is in my bag, but this time it was in Neil's wallet since I hadn't got it back from him after my sister's sealing, when I didn't have my temple bag with me). We borrowed temple clothing from my parents, but I still had a very unprepared I just wasn't physically prepared. As the evening progressed, I kept realizing more important things that we'd forgotten--everything from Juliet's ear plugs to Neil's tie.

On the way to the temple, we were both exhausted. Neither of us have slept well since my surgery, and it caught up to us. We both fell asleep. Our wake-up call, as you can imagine, was very frightening (and probably will be quite expensive). We were incredibly blessed to not be injured at all, but we could very easily have died.

So I spent a lot of time in the temple yesterday thinking about my spiritual and temporal preparedness. Particularly in light of the economic downturn, it's worth some thought--how are we doing in terms of our physical preparedness. Have we followed prophetic counsel? And spiritually, are we doing the things we need to be doing? Are we living up to the mark? Or is there some real room for change and improvement?

And don't worry, we did have a fun day in Chicago, and I'll post more about that later. But in the meantime, I'm so grateful that I was able to return home to my darling little babies and keep on working to be the kind of woman I need to be.


Brittanie said...

I am glad you guys are okay.

I have been having similar thoughts go through my mind. Marcus and I have been running on empty for some time while we have been working on our house.

Conference has also helped give me a little kick in the pants.

Anonymous said...

Rachael...I am so glad you & Neil are okay after the scary moment in your car. I hope you can catch up on some sleep soon. It is not good to get that exhausted and to just keep pushing through your schedule. We all have our limits. I wish I lived closer so I could watch your girls so you could take a long nap or two. You have been through a lot lately. Take care of yourself. Love, Aunt Pam

danielle said...

Oh my gosh! Glad you are OK!

And don't be afraid to say NO to some things. I am always so impressed by all you seem to achieve but its OK to not get everything done all of the time. Take a nap;)

And thanks for the good reminder about preparedness. I have been thinking about that lately too.

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