Thursday, October 16, 2008

the best of consolation

Abigail and Elise in the middle of one of their Thursday morning parties

Have you read the book Alexander and the Very Bad No Good Horrible Awful Day (or whatever it's called; I can't remember the exact title).

That's my day so far today. Any day that starts out with having to do a post-emergency load of laundry, a 2 hour dentist visit (and another $400, eek), and a total meltdown at husband and children for no good reason other than my own frustation is not going so well. Let's just say that it's a good thing I'm taking dinner to someone tonight; otherwise my family would probably be eating pancakes again for dinner (which is what I made last night when I was feeling sick and Neil was coming home late. And then Juliet ate more pancakes than I did). Plus the fact that I just finished reading 2 classes of student papers and I'm pretty irritated at the oblivion of half the students to a) the detailed discussions in lecture and b) the even more detailed guidelines I emailed them after class, just to reinforce the principles. Overkill? I don't know. I know some of the other teachers have mentioned that this year's crop of students doesn't seem as motivated as in years past, so who knows (but I guess half the class paying attention is good; it's just frustrating because I want EVERYONE to learn and do well, it's hard to remember sometimes that not everyone cares as much about their own success as I do on their behalf). Sometimes I miss teaching at BYU where everyone was a super over-achiever. It definitely has its perks.

Anyway, I am grateful that today was a switcheroo day for the girls (they went off happily to Andrea's to play with Elise and Eva as is usual on Thursday mornings) so I had two hours to grade and calm down. And then post on my blog about how fun my kids are, because that always cheers me up (and now that I've posted now, maybe I can run during naptime instead of posting then, since I missed aerobics this morning because I was at the dentist for an hour longer than it was supposed to take. Which I'm still kind of irritated about, because I don't like running two days in a row (I like to space it around aerobics for muscle happiness) but whatever. Enough stream of conciousness).

Speaking of playing with Elise and Eva, every time it's my turn to watch the girls I always have to take a few photos, because they're so darling together. Juliet and Eva are really starting to have fun with each other--they squeal when they see each other and it's so cute (even if they don't look very involved in this particular picture).

Lately Juliet has been climbing EVERYWHERE. And screaming really really really really LOUDLY when she can't get up. Like, really super loud. So loud that you have to double-check to make sure she really is a baby and not some crazed rock star concert (not a rock star, but an entire concert). She is really loud.

Anyway, she likes to climb. And she especially likes the computer. She will play around with the mouse for awhile, and then she licks the bottom, because it has a red light. Then the mouse doesn't work and whoever uses it next is really grossed out because it's covered in slime. Oh, and look at her little curls!

She's also getting more into playing with Abigail (and interested in Abigail's favorite toys, which is not so fun for Abigail--Juliet keeps running around corners with fistfuls of Barbies while Abigail is in hot pursuit).

These are two very characteristic shots of the girls after naps. Abigail is sitting on the couch eating an apple while she looks at books (and she put the rest of them behind her head to keep them away from Juliet).

And Juliet has emptied all the board books out of the basket, climbed in the basket, and is rocking wildly. Pretty soon she'll get stuck and start yelling. Loudly. LOUDLY.


Crapos said...

So fun that you have special friends to play with. We miss that. In Utah it was easy - it seems much harder here.

Kathryn said...

Definitely not the best way to start the day. Just hearing the word dentist makes my mouth hurt. I love how Abigail hides her books behind her head. hahahaha classic.

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