Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cookies with the chickies

"Cooking is 80 percent confidence, a skill best acquired starting from when the apron strings wrap around you twice."

--Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Vegetable Miracle

Last night after dinner, the girls and I made cookies together (of course, Neil wasn't around to photograph the preparation our infinitely more healthy dinner: broiled salmon, freshly baked whole-wheat bread, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes, and ripe plums. No, we document cookies).

I love cooking with the kids--it's so much fun (I just have to watch Abigail very carefully when she cracks eggs. I've gone fishing for many an eggshell).

Abigail is at the stage now where she not only wants to gather the ingredients and dump them in, but she's interested in what they do and how they work together. It's fun to explain to her.

Juliet just wants to eat dough. This is the kind of face she makes when she's denied.

And then, when everyone else is distracted (by putting the cookies in the oven), she takes care of the issue herself.

Fistful of dough...

...insert in mouth. No juvenile worries about salmonella poisoning (or obviously, maternal ones for that matter, since I was more worried about capturing the moment on my camera).

So deliciously fun, both for the body and the spirit.
And then that sweet man I'm married to sent me off to the library (all by myself! for two hours!) while he cleaned up the cookie-making things and put the kids to bed (although to be honest, he did suggest more than once that maybe I could leave AFTER the kids were in bed. Then I reminded him about how many nights he's been gone this past month, and he sent me off without another protest).


Crapos said...

Kids and cookie dough just go together. In fact, I just sent Sadie to wash the cookie dough off her fingers right before I sat down and read this post!

Kritta22 said...

You are such a good mom! I LOVE the red kitchen!!
You have an award at my blog!

tricki_nicki said...

I'm pretty sure we all eat the dough...right? And I've never actually MET anyone who's gotten Salmonella poisoning. Does that mean it's an old wive's tale? Did our moms tell us that so they'd have more dough for themselves?


Kritta22 said...

I actually had Salmonella poisoning but it wasn't found cookie dough and it was in my blood! Yikes.

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