Monday, October 20, 2008

deja vu?

Remember last March when Neil decided to one-up me on the whole "I'm exhausted because I'm pregnant" thing by coming down with pneumonia? Like, RIGHT after his area exams when I was ready to put him back to work on a mile-long to-do list?

He's always trying to do that. I'm pregnant, he gets pneumonia. I get my wisdom teeth out, he gets a root canal. I mean, honestly. It's not a competition for who gets to lounge around in bed ordering room service from the kitchen. I'm going to have to come up with some ailment fast if I don't want to be doing all the work around here for the next week.

Just kidding. I'm trying to laugh off the fact that he's back on the Z-packs, feverish, and coughing. The doctor prescribed treatment as if it were pneumonia based on his history without even bothering to do an X-ray.

Seriously though, keep us in your prayers.

And now I'm off to call the pediatrician about Abigail's cough and sideaches. I am very much hoping that we're not getting hit by viral pneumonia. That would so not be fun right now. And after hearing about the very nasty stomach flu spreading through our ward, I am REALLY glad that I took the kids home after sacrament meeting yesterday. I figured we were sparing the nursery from the infection of our runny noses and coughs; it sounds like we may have saved ourselves from a particularly unpleasant couple of days.

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Kilerkki said...

*hugs* I don't feel quite so bad about my 18+ hour day today; at least I'm not feverish and coughing. Poor Neil. Poor you. I really hope everyone recovers swiftly. I'll be praying for you.

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