Wednesday, October 08, 2008

hot topics

What do you think about...
  • baby showers for children after the first child/of either gender? (a nice gesture for a beloved friend, or a financial burden on your friends?)
  • the Twilight books? (best romance and page-turning books ever, or poorly written/edited stories with a halfway decent plot that are troubling because of what they're teaching an entire generation about a) healthy/normal relationships and self-control and b) what good writing really is?)
  • ads on your blog? free cash, or obnoxious sellout? (an interesting article here--blog like Perez Hilton and earn 111,000 monthly from those sidebars!)
  • writing thank-you notes? Required, or not so much? (I admit I could tell you exactly who has not sent me a thank-you note in the last five years. Not that I'm really holding a grudge, it's just one of those things that I remember. Slightly grudgingly).
  • Barack Obama--a promising idealist who can follow through and really make some serious changes? or the grown-up equivalent of the middle-school elections kid who promises everyone "pizza for lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY! For free!"
  • Sarah Palin--scary ideas about policy? should pay more attention to her family? no understanding of key issues? or a chance for women to shatter that glass ceiling once and for all?
  • Going green: worthwhile and socially responsible, or the latest pointless trend?

These are all things that have been tumbling around in my head. What do you think about any or all?


Heatherbelle said...

Baby showers after-fiancial burden
Twilight books-haven't read them yet. I didn't read Harry Potter until book 4 because I was trying not to read them just because it was the "in thing"
Ads on your blog- undecided
Thank you notes- definately required; people don't show enough gratitude these days and I never want to be one of those people that is accused of not being thankful
Obama- scary past associations, what has he really accomplished?, very P.C. to like him because he shows the diversity of America
Palin- Is not as experienced as she probably should be for such a position, but she is a very moral person. Sometimes I think that is worth more than experience.
Going green- a worthy cause but something that has become a thing of pride to people. I thing people who are searching for meaning in live or a cause have chosen to set this up in their minds as their "religion" We should all try to conserve, use less and recycle, and become better at provident living, but I think the Lord also put things on the earth for our use.
There you go! :)

Kilerkki said...

Baby showers: Financial burden, definitely. I can appreciate wanting to get free stuff to help you deal with another adorable little carpet-crawler, but your friends are probably under as much pressure as you are. If they want to give you gifts, out of the goodness of their heart, they're wonderful people. But you shouldn't obligate them to.

Twilight: Urk. I don't object to them as a fast read on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon (which is when I read the first one), but I really think they're overhyped and the attitudes a lot of my friends have towards them--especially the idea that Edward is the Perfect Boyfriend--REALLY scare me. Also, the demonic monster vampire baby was sickening, and then just laughable. And Bella is the worst Mary Sue in the history of Mary Sues.

Thank you notes: I know they're important, but I often fail at sending them. Need to get working on thank-you cards for my birthday. >.>

Obama: I quite like him. I like him a lot more than McCain. I do believe he could make a difference.

Palin: Scares me into hiding under the bed. Or watching Tina Fey parodies, at least! She has a gift for saying really horrible things with a lovely smile, and also I don't think she's very bright.

Going green: Important, and something I need to improve on. I'm trying, and I know that business shouldn't be an excuse, but... At any rate I'm trying to use re-usable grocery bags!

tricki_nicki said...

baby showers for children after - I've had three showers for three boy children. Although technically the last two were girls' night out at The Cheesecake Factory. And I tell people NOT to bring gifts but they never listen!

the Twilight books? Umm, all of the above...

ads on your blog? If you're good at something and you want to get paid for it, more power to ya. period.

writing thank-you notes? I think they're very nice - but I'd be just as happy with a thank you call or e-mail.

Barack Obama--Ugh, no comment.

Sarah Palin--Ugh, no comment again.

Going green: A trend that hopefully turns into a habit. Regardless of the fact that four out of the seven planets in our solar system are experiencing global warming...we SHOULD be taking care of OUR planet.

Great questions!

Sarah Harward said...

I won't remember all of these, but here's my opinion on the ones I can remember...
Baby showers after the first baby= financial burden. I think it's fine to have a little party to celebrate mom having another baby, but no gifts! I got a baby shower with Addie and was embarrassed (but it was fun!) Everyone kept telling me that since she was my first girl it was alright, but it still felt weird!
Twilight books- WAY WAY WAY overrated. I think there's a difference between GOOD book, and a book that is good enough to finish. I think these are just good enough to finish. But just barely...
Ads on blog- I don't notice, nor care if people have ads
Thank you notes- Speaking from experience, I think they're GREAT, however, as of right now I have about 4 cards due. I'm not the best at writing them, or getting them out promptly, which is often why I don't send them (is there a time limit, because after about 4 months, I'm embarrassed to send it!)
Obama- honestly not a fan. Not sure he has the experience (or ability) he believes he has. I think the media likes him a bit too much, which makes me nervous...
Palin- At least what experience and associations she has, prove to be effective. I don't really care about women breaking through the glass celing, and I feel like anyone who is really worried about women and their rights to have as demanding as a job as men, then they have no right to ask if she should be in the home more. This goes back to my lack of trust in the media and things they report...
Going Green- I think the main point here is to be responsible with what we're given. I don't think being extreme is going to help much. But if we're responsible with the resources we have, it will make a difference...

Rosalind said...

Baby showers--nice, but are you going to do it for everyone? At what point do you stop, if not #2? How about just a party to welcome the new child, w/o a present requirement?
Twilight books--no interest, sound like junk
Ads--if you get the revenue and believe in the product, sure
Thank you notes--I agree, we need more gratitude, and the courtesy to just go to the trouble of a 5-minute note
Obama--a thinking man in the White House? The walls may tumble.
Palin--great performer, not very knowledgeable. The performance outshines her lack of content, though, and that's what's carrying her through. If I were judging her at a forensics event, I'd tell her that her presentation skills are outstanding, but she really needs to do some research before the next tournament so she can be competitive. I'm uncomfortable with her "attack dog" stance, even though that is the VP's traditional role. Sad that they pulled her out of her little pond and threw her in the ocean. She has a great future as a talk radio host, though. I think that's where she'll really make her mark, unless something happens in the next month to discredit her. And Tina Fey has a great future on SNL.
Going Green--we have a stewardship over the earth, and we have abused it.

Rosalind said...

oops, that's not Rosalind. She is not responsible for my comments.

sarah said...

baby showers - acceptable for stuff like clothes and blankets. especially if its a different gender than the first child. but it shouldn't be expected!!
twilight books - a nice piece of fiction. nothing more, nothing less. people read too deeply into things.
ads - if you're huge like PioneerWoman, fine. If not, not so fine.
writing thank-you notes - a thank you email should suffice. if they don't do email, then you should call/write a note. Expressing thanks never should go out of style.
barack - don't really care because I'm not American. But I look at the current administration and ask myself if you guys can REALLY handle another four years of Republican policies. To me it just doesn't work.
Sarah Palin - I think its ridiculous that people suggest that she should "focus on her family" ... why aren't they saying that about Bush?Barak?McCain? Does having male parts mean you're automatically absolved of 'focussing on your family'? That being said, scary ideas about policy and no understanding of key issues, indeed.
going green - Worthwhile and socially responsible, but I think my issue with people who are hardcore into it is how self-righteous and smug they become over it.

joanna said...

Interesting topics to bring up! Here are my thoughts:
1) baby showers = financial burden and tacky only after the first child. Seems the mother is being selfish when a shower is planned for the 3rd. If they can't afford to have a 3rd child without gifts, then should they keep having kids right now or wait a bit? I'm a little gunny on the judgements, I know. I noticed this phenomenon a lot in the Laf. 2nd ward...I was told this ward was "addicted to baby showers." Ok, whatevah. I was never invited to them anyway.
2) Twilight = I thought the plot and characters were well-developed and created; however I did notice some editing problems. Can the story mislead young girls? Probably. They are fun get-away books, though. Underlying themes are a mix of good messages and unreal expectations. I still give them a thumbs-up for entertainment value.
3) ads = probably obnoxious, but some people want the money. That's fine with me if that's their choice.
4) writing thank-yous = required for certain things like receiving gifts or hospitality, etc.
5) Barack = over-promising idealist, in my opinion. Some of his plans are surprisingly coherent but highly expensive.
6) Palin = possibly under-experienced but has morals, brains, and common sense. How does anyone know she's not paying enough attention to her family? Has the family ever complained? (I'm really asking this sincerely.)
7) going green = definitely a trend in my opinion. Not pointless, though. It's good to use our resources wisely, but our resources are not finite. Some going-green initiatives are over-the-top unnecessary.

rachel said...

Showers--acceptable but not to be expected for first child of a different gender.

Twilight--we've discussed. Yuck on so many levels.

Ads--sure! (I'm especially glad cJane as gone in this direction to take advantage of her ever growing readership for Nie)

Thank-yous--you betcha (oops, that Sarah Palin is invading my vocabulary). Seriously, yes. But I'm not good at prompt ones. In fact, I found one I meant to send to my Finnish friend for my wedding the other day :)

Barack--I'm astounded that the same people who love Palin call him inexperienced. Anyway, he may be promising big in some cases but what politician doesn't? I'm all for this guy. No wondering about it.

Palin--the only thing that remotely seems appealing about her is that if she actually became VP, the SNL skits for the next 4 years at least would be amazing. The only thing.

Green--yes, it's trendy, which is actually a good thing. Whatever gets folks motivated. Although, because it's a trend the danger is that some things are advertised as green when they really don't have much of an impact on the environment.

Anonymous said...

Joanna is so right!! I love her. Showers are for your first child, or if you are having one of the opposite gender. The Lafayette second ward is really shower-happy and it was a burden for a lot of people!! The friend throwing the shower should save her money that she would've spent on decorations and food and instead get her friend gifts that she needs. Or just have a girls night to celebrate...but not an actual shower. I have stong feeling on this, can you tell?

And thank-you's are defiantely required and appreciated. Who doesn't like getting good mail? :)

Nate and Nicole said...

I know this post is old, but I'm just now catching up on my blog reading from having been out of town. I like your "hot topics" so much that I still wanted to comment on them - even a little after the fact :).

Reading your other comments, I actually agree with Rachel on most everything, though I'm not quite so sure about Obama. I'm not LOVING either option this election, to be honest. They both make me nervous.

But, the topic I most wanted to comment on was the Twilight books. AAHHHHH. Oh my gosh. Not to sound over dramatic (that would be very Stephenie Meyer of me), but oh my gosh. Horrible.

As I ranted to my husband about the books one night, he just said, "I think the real issue is you're mad that she has made so much money writing crap when you could write better." And, he's right. I'm jealous. I want to have three bestsellers!! But good ones. Not crappy ones :). Haha.

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