Monday, October 27, 2008

juliet snapshot

Juliet Elizabeth, age 14 months and 20 days

Favorite activity: illicit and incredibly rapid table-climbing, alternated with pushing confiscated chairs back across house to table in order to table-climb again.

Today's new word: "happy" (it was actually the very first thing she said to me this morning when she saw me).

This is what happens when you frost cookies as a family. It was sure fun!!!

New trick today: deciding she wanted milk during family scriptures; running to the fridge and checking to see if it was open (aka is Abigail standing there, and will she interpret a yell of "Mah! Mah!" to open the 'fridge and hand me my sippy?), then returning to the living room, grabbing my hand, and tugging me into the kitchen and then running over to stand expectantly by the fridge.

Hair status: curly curly curly in back--little teeny ringlets that curl right around your fingers. A fine downy fluff on top that stands up rather rakishly. Eyes continue as a beautiful gray-green.

Loves to give kisses. Loves, love, loves to give kisses--runs around smacking her lips. Never fails to come running with an ENORMOUS grin and giggle whenever I kneel down and hold out my arms to her.

Wants to be a "big girl." If Abigail does it, she's sure that she can too. Even if her chin is barely above the table.

Best moment with her today--reading her favorite book at bedtime while she alternated between pointing to the animal on the page (so I would make the appropriate animal noise), then looking up at me with her big beautiful eyes, smiling, and cuddling back down against me.

Growing up: very fast.


Elise Decker said...

She is such an adorable little girl--and I am so excited to see how much they've grown at Christmas!

Aubrey said...

Juliet is a doll! I totally understand every word about the table misheif. My little boy is around the same age as Juliet and he is ALL OVER that table. If I push out the chairs he always finds a way to get back onto the table. I wish I could meet your little Juliet! Both of your girls are so darn cute!

danielle said...

so funny with the table thing. but isn't it amazing to see her little brain at work solving problems? darling!

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