Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my best friends, circa 2001

Do you ever have days where you just get all memory-sick? Sort of like homesick, but is there a word for it? Anyway, I found my journal from freshman year today--I think the girls were playing with it--and I sat down and started reading. And it made me miss all my friends so much! (so I emailed them, and they better email me back, and you, you, and you know who you are).

Seriously though, my freshman year of college was a blast. I learned so much, not just in school, but about life and about how to be a good friend and a nice person (okay, I STARTED learning, since some of you who were my really good friends that year may agree that I needed a lot more lessons). I was blessed to have a roommate who I absolutely adored, and a bunch of guy friends who made things so much fun and who were honestly like brothers (except for the ones I dated). We did everything together--studying, cleaning, eating, grocery shopping, football games, hikes, growing up.

But what I miss most, I think, are just the little things that made it so fun. Driving up in the canyon at odd hours of the night. Hiking the Y after BYU whipped the U of U. Burning endless amounts of things in the canyon. Endlessly dissecting dates, and sometimes being really obnoxious about it (like when I wouldn't shut up about Christian, or when Paul taped those pictures of him kissing Amber to the fridge). Crying together on September 11th while we watched the news. Hiking to Stewart Falls. Burning more things in the canyon. Having an entire ROOM in our apartment devoted to clothes that smelled like woodsmoke, because we couldn't be bothered to wash them (Jen, I miss you). Scrounging for quarters so that we could have clean clothes (although I will never, ever, ever forget Bob telling me, "I don't have time to wash my sweater [before his date that night], so I think I'll just throw it in the laundry with a sheet of Febreeze--do you think she'll notice?" and how incredibly hard I laughed). Crying together when relationships ended, or just didn't work out, or couldn't get started. Learning that you could microwave ice cream to soften it up (again, this is a Bob trick). Painting Paul and Dan for the BYU football games. Messing around with the moving shelves in periodicals (I think our record was 8 simultaneously). The blessing John gave me that was so powerful that I immediately wrote it down in my journal. The Testing Center, and Bob's cry for "freedom!" Everyone being patient with me for being perpetually stressed out. The time when the security guard at the temple thought Jen and I were runaway sister missionaries. Cheap tickets at the HFAC. Staple-gunning tulle to the ceiling of the Morris Center for Invitational. Tuesday nights at the CougarEat with a chaser of International Cinema. Watching movies out on the balcony after curfew. Eating spaghetti coated in sugar sprinkles. The "ACT 33" club. Opening mission calls. Subsisting primarily on a diet of chocolate milk and Creamery rolls, with the occasional pot pie thrown in for good measure. Buying things to send the guys a greenie package in the MTC--and then eating all the green cookies before we sent it (sorry, they were really good, and I don't think we ever confessed). Singing at mission farewells. Calling at 3 am for a priesthood blessing, and having Bob there five minutes later in a shirt and tie. Getting stood up on dates, getting out of dates, getting dates. The fish date! The Gone With the Wind date! Planning our futures. Drawing everyone's faces on baked potatoes and serving them up for dinner--except Jen's. The Kristyn and Landon pumpkin. Plum pants boy and his thank-you pumpkin. Dirty Josh and Dirty Kevin. M. Scott. Small Scott. Jessica of the Large Hair. Oh Holy Brad, and Greek God Brandon. One dozen muffins downed in twenty minutes. Red Baron pizza, endless letters and emails, and AOL instant messenger. And best of all, Raquel, Juanita, Pablo, Juan Paco, and...Antoine.

I am so grateful for all of you.

So you better email me back.


Bob Rees said...

So true. Good times. Was that my date with Natalie?

Rachael said...

i think it was with jen, actually, but I'm not positive. I just remember that we were walking around behind the Clyde and we were like "we found the ghetto of BYU!"

Kristyn said...

I totally don't remember a Kristyn and Landon pumpkin- what was that?

Rachael said...

Seriously? Remember we had this little pumpkin and on one side we drew a Kristyn face, and on the other side we drew a Landon face, because we ran out of potatoes and you guys were totally inseperable at that point!

Tiffani said...

Awww... thanks for you post Rach. I miss you guys too. Sometimes I have moments where I want to go back for a day are really enjoy what we had. So much fun! I don't know if you have my blog so here it is: http://tiffani-stevensons-blog.blogspot.com/

I'll send you an email with more updates! Love ya!

lanada said...

this makes me ridiculously happy.

Mack Hardy said...

HA! I read my freshman journal a year or so ago... some GREAT memories... and some not so great memories. YIKES!!!

I actually started to write my own memories, but dang it, Rach, you've officially got me thinking about it and now I have to write a blog posting of my own!

Gotta focus on work first!

Bob Rees said...

I remember. Do you remember the date when we went and test drove cars and you and my roommate Justin acted like you were engaged and went back to apologize to the car salesman?

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