Wednesday, October 08, 2008

so i'm completely sleep-deprived, and yet I'm still up.

here's the deal: i've been totally exhausted all week (teaching plus dental appointments at 7 am) and so tonight I ran really early so i could wind down, and i was almost asleep in bed reading a Toni Morrison novel when the phone rings, and I'm like, who the heck is calling at 10:20, and it's Neil calling from the hospital (gasp, temporary heart stopping when i heard that)...apparently somebody's nose got broken playing basketball and my sweet husband was the one who followed the guy out and offered to drive him to the ER.

so i'm wide awake now, despite having promised myself that i would be asleep early tonight in order to cope with our early a.m. (yes, both of us) dentist appointments tomorrow and afternoon drive up to michigan (i always want to fall asleep, but this time i'm driving so that neil can work in the car).

why do i go sit at the computer when i'm all restless and jittery? does anyone else retreat to their email when they're super fidgety and unable to focus? (and find themselves really disappointed that their only emails are departmental memos about technology conferences?)


Elise Decker said...

i want to be in michigan!!!

Neil said...

Turns out that the nose wasn't broken. The copious bleeding stopped a few minutes after we got the hospital and it seems the patient is OK.

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