Wednesday, October 22, 2008

thankful bits and pieces

I've been pretty lachrymose on here lately. Today when I was dancing around the living room with the kids (stylishly bedecked in a straw hat and flowered tablecloth tied around my waist) I started thinking about all the things I am grateful for.

Like this adorable chickadee and her rockin' footwear.

So here are a few of the "gratefuls" that keep popping up, both big and little.

  • Neil's pneumonia is much less awful than it was last time. His fever is gone. He's mostly back to normal, except for the cough (last March it took 3 weeks to get to this point).
  • Yesterday I was buying some makeup and Abigail commented that the bare-backed model in one of the advertisements nearby "was not being modest." That was just great to hear. I'm so glad that she understands that concept and sees it as worthy of attention (and five minutes later she reminded me that "we cannot buy Oreos, Daddy likes them but they have yuckies in them." Brainwashing them young--that's what I'm all about).
  • The endodontist (that Neil saw for a second opinion) doesn't think he needs ANY root canals. Perhaps a crown, perhaps not, but NO root canals. This makes me ready to dance with joy.
  • It's cold here! It's winter shoes time! Standing next to Juliet on Sunday made me smile when I looked at our feet. I love winter shoes. And I love, love, LOVE baby feet (and guess what? My tights were like the best child entertainer ever. I think the girls found my feet vaguely hypnotic all through church).

  • Last night I was rereading Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure and I got to the part about how the one little boy kills his siblings because he thinks that they are too great a burden on their parents (have I mentioned how incredibly incredibly depressing that book is? I suddenly remembered why I've only read it once) and I was just really, really, really grateful that when I say to Abigail, "How much do I love you?" she yells "Lots, lots, LOTS!" at the top of her voice. I am grateful that I get to see my kids every day and that I can kiss them until they giggle like crazy from the sheer silliness of it all.
  • I'm grateful that my pants were falling down in aerobics yesterday. Embarrassing and irritating, yes, but it means that I weigh a lot less than I did this time last year two months post-baby.
  • We have a new futon, thanks to someone in the ward who is moving away. This means more comfort for visiting family. And it's built in the Shaker style, which is an added bonus since it unintentionally matches the existing furniture in that room! It's nice and comfy--Neil and I broke it in last night with an evening showing of The Incredible Hulk (much better than the 2003 version, but still enough silly bits to make us laugh and dissect it later).
  • Clear duct tape. It has prolonged the life of so many of our children's books. I did my bi-monthly taping session this morning and I'm looking forward to having those books back in circulation!
  • I'm grateful that my house stays pretty clean (okay, I'm grateful that everyone around here cooperates in cleaning it up). It keeps me sane.
  • We picked up an illustrated children's cookbook at the library last week (instead of written directions, it's all pictures). Abigail told me she wants to make "ginger baby-mans" this afternoon. I'm really excited! I love cooking with the girls. I love the fact that they look forward to it too!
  • The department (at least in theory) has approved my request to teach a 7:30 and 8:30 am class next semester. This means more research time for Neil and more time for me at home with the girls. I'm really glad about this--not being done until 10:30 has been a bit of a strain this semester.
  • Grapes. I love grapes. I could be a locavore except for grapes.

  • Remember those Anthropologie bowls I bought a couple weeks ago? I could tell when I bought them that Neil was totally humoring me. And now he LOVES them. He told me last night that he looks forward to breakfast because he gets to eat it out of those bowls. It sounds a little silly, but get yourself some of those bowls and you'll see what I mean. It's like this little thrill to pick what color you'll use this time (especially for Abigail), and they are seriously the most perfect size for anything. If you like milk on your cereal, the circumference is just right so that everything doesn't get soggy all at once--it delivers cereal down perfectly into the milk as you eat so everything is just the right consistency (or so I hear from Neil, since I don't like milk in my cereal). It keeps soup warm, but not blazing hot. They're the perfect size for serving a small family as well--our burritos have never looked so stylish (oh and also I'm grateful for homemade refried beans and tortillas. Cannot. Be. Beat). Okay, I know I'm really going on, but I just love these bowls. They're my kitchen favorites right now.
  • Juliet has really got the hang of picking up toys. And she repeats "tank oo" when you thank her for putting the toys away.
  • We're more than halfway through the semester! That means only nine weeks until I get to see Mary Beth, Ruth, Jordan, and Elise home from BYU for Christmas. I am so, so, so, SO excited. Like, I cannot even tell you how excited I am. I love my family so much and I miss them like crazy.
  • Abigail really loves praying right now. We went through a couple of months where it was like pulling teeth to get her to pray in an audible voice. Now she always volunteers to say the prayer, and she is so specific and so sincere that it just warms my heart to listen.
  • I'm grateful for all the growing up I've done in the last few years. I think I'm becoming a much nicer and more patient person. I still have a long way to go, but I'm really happy with the choices I've made and how I've spent my time. I'm grateful for where I am developmentally and the people that surround me. I'm grateful for all my opportunities, especially lots of service opportunities. Someone told me about a year ago that she didn't know anyone who was more quick to serve than I was/am, and at the time I felt like that was a really sweet thing to say and that I really wanted it to be true. So I've been trying. A lot. Still have a lot of work to do, but I'm working at it. I'm especially grateful for how forgiving my husband and children are while I struggle to figure everything out. They put up with a lot, and I'm grateful that there's always a forgiving hug and kiss when I need it most.
  • I love fall. This is my favorite time of year. Sweaters, apple cider, pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins, crunchy leaves, princesses and pirates parading around the neighborhood. It just doesn't get any better than this.

What are you grateful for today?


Meghan said...

I see why the Lord is so pleased with a grateful heart. It really puts all of our perspective in the right place. I want to make a list like this...soon. I just have to finish some other stuff first.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful that we get to come to earth to struggle and grow and have children and watch them struggle and grow and become wonderful people.


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