Monday, October 27, 2008

this is why my Gmail away message is somewhat frantic:

7:00 am--get up, get ready, read scriptures while eating oatmeal. last "relaxation time" for next 14 hours.
7:40 am--walk .7 miles to the bus stop, take bus to campus, do last-minute printing of grading sheets for oral presentations
8:30-10:30 am--teach
10:45-12:10--visiting teaching
12:20--feed kids lunch while making phone calls
12:30--eat lunch standing at counter while sorting grading into stacks
12:45-1:20--start grading at kitchen table while kids dance in living room. wish self were dancing too.
1:30--read stories, sing songs, wipe backsides. children down for naps.
1:55--grading starts again (oral presentations, reading responses, and research papers).
2:30--finish grading oral presentations and responses. give self a brief stint online before beginning research papers.

tentative schedule for rest of day...

2:45-3:45 (hopefully children will sleep this long!)--research paper grading
3:45-4:00--magically create very fast and comprehensive grocery list while kids eat snack
4:00--grocery shopping. really wish could wait another day, but neil requested that we make sugar cookies for family home evening. no eggs (had omelettes and pumpkin muffins for dinner on saturday. very tasty, but used up all available eggs). must hie self to store.
5:00--very fast dinner-making. mushroom and chile carbonara? prep time less than 20 minutes; sounds good.
6:00--make sugar cookie dough while simultaneously doing dishes (translation: make dough while Neil does dishes).
6:30--Family Home Evening on baptism. oh--need to prepare lesson.
7:00--bake sugar cookies, frost, devour, and deliver some to next-door neighbors. oh wait. need to bake earlier to ensure frostability. make dough while making dinner?
7:30--start putting kids to bed. read lots of stories to compensate for way too busy day with no down time.
8:00--run three miles, shower, prep for tomorrow
9:00--fall into bed. feel sympathy pang for husband who is still working. feel deep gratitude for husband who did all the laundry and changed the sheets this morning so there is a clean bed to fall into.

and now it's 2:45, which means I should be grading again. adios!

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