Sunday, October 05, 2008

top o' the morning to ya

Blueberry muffin face. So darling. And even more darling: "Mommy, this is a really tasty breffist we made!"

In tooth-related news, Neil was making home-teaching appointments this morning and happened to mention (since he home-teaches our dentist) that I wasn't feeling so hot. Twenty minutes later, he had opened up his office, flushed the sockets, and packed them with glorious clove oil-soaked gauze. I cannot even tell you how much better I feel (and how angry at that dentist I saw last week while our regular dentist was on vacation, who ignored all my "I really think it's dry sockets" discussion and sent me home to Vicodin-induced hysteria).

And my Juliet has learned lots of new things over the last few weeks: to bang on her high chair and yell "Eat! Eat!" when she's hungry, to climb into and out of the papasan chairs (which fills me with terror!), to get on the couches by herself, to find her shoes when she wants to go outside, to yell "Doggie!" and bark like mad when she sees a dog, to give slobbery smacking kisses over and over again (and to tell my mom "wuv ya"), to run to the couch, kneel down next to it, and fold her arms whenever anyone says the word "prayer," to beat Abigail on the head with a toy when Abigail is keeping her from something she wants...crazy to realize this little girl is already fourteen months old.

They are the joys of my life.


Elise Decker said...

They are so beautiful! I'm so excited to see them at Christmas!!! When my tooth person put the clove things in my teeth, you should have seen how spicy I thought it was!! When we were leaving, my eyes were watering and I couldn't sit still without squirming from the spiciness!

joanna said...

I'm glad you found a dentist that could help!! When you first mentioned you were in a lot of pain, I was worried your original dentist wasn't doing enough. I've found out through some experience myself that not all doctors are made the same.

Kritta22 said...

What beautiful chicas you have! I'm so glad you feel better!!

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