Monday, November 10, 2008

camera finds

There are lots of pictures on my camera that I haven't posted (and just barely uploaded to my computer). So I thought I'd post a sampling today.

First of all, I have about twenty dishtowels. You would think this would be enough to last a week or two. So why do all twenty seem to be in the laundry with alarming regularity?

That's right. They've gone from being Juliet's preferred "cushion" in her den (formerly the laundry room, now she's moved to under the table by the fireplace) to the dress-up of choice. Or, in Juliet's case, the handkerchief, since--I kid you not--I have seen that child walk over to a clean dishtowel hanging in the kitchen, seize it, smear it across her face, and walk away.

The other day I decided to turn my decorative pie pumpkins into pumpkin puree and roasted pumpkin seeds. I was led to believe that this was a very easy and quick process.

It's not. Just buy the dang cans from the store and save yourself two hours and a lot of dishes. And some seriously burned fingers, if, like me, you're too impatient to wait for the pumpkin pieces to cool because you have other things to do.

On the other hand, there's lots of pumpkin in the freezer.

I love seeing Neil read to the kids. Love it.

And a shot of the girls heading out for Trick or Treating. My favorite part of this picture is Juliet's furtive look.

And the other day I dragged a table out so that I could sew and keep an eye on the kids playing, but did they want to play? No. They wanted to sit next to me, holding a spool of thread each, and watch the process for an entire hour (Abigail), or throw that spool of thread, climb up on the table, and try to stick their fingers under the needle (Juliet).

The end for today.


Katrina said...

I'm loving that first photo--her face is too darn cute!

Kritta22 said...

I love these photos! they really share your life. What are you working on...sewing??

Kritta22 said...

Oh yeah PS...we carve or pumpkins, usually at night after Chris gets off work, and while the kids are carving away, I'm sifting through the gonk and putting the seeds in a strainer in the kitchen sink. When I have most of them in there, I rise them. Then throw them in a bowl with some whoreshire sauce, spices and pepper. Put foil on a cookie sheet and spread them out. (This year it took two.) Then put them in at 300 for like 2 hours.
I've never done real pumpkin stuff though. I'll buy the cans now and not feel guilty cuz that looks like too much work!

Mary Beth said...

I am so stinkin' excited about seeing you guys at Christmas. :D

tricki_nicki said...

Your girls are such sweeties - and I feel the same way about the pumpkin stuff. I bought pie pumpkins for two years in a row but no one could tell the diff between homemade and canned. NEVER again!

danielle said...

ooh what are you sewing?

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