Thursday, November 13, 2008

conversations with Abigail

Lately Abigail has been absolutely fascinated by babies, especially stories about her own babyhood (she especially thinks it's funny that she used to have diaper blowouts, since she saw some of the photographic evidence of aforesaid blowouts that we took as appalled new parents). Many of her friends' mothers are pregnant now, plus we've been taking quite a few meals to new mothers, so she's always talking about who has a baby in their tummy, whose baby came out of their tummy now, etc.

She tells me elaborate "when I'm a mommy and have a baby in my tummy" stories, so I wasn't altogether surprised yesterday when she yelled, "Look! I put my baby in my tummy!" --but I did laugh for a really long time.

And then I laughed even more when she told me "I'm going to grow up and be a racecar driver and drive a pink car with a 3 on it, except when I turn 4 it will be a 4 on my pink car, and I will have five babies and name them Abigail, Juliet, Abigail Two, and Jesus." Then when I asked her what the fifth baby was going to be named she refused to tell me.

I've said it before and I've said it again: while some days your kids will drive you crazy, the laughter they provide is totally worth it.


danielle said...

Oh I love love love the funny things that kids say. I always wonder what mine will. And good call on naming her baby Jesus. So cute.

lanada said...

watch. she's going to marry a hispanic guy and have no idea why we all think it's hysterical when she actually names a child jesus.

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