Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do you have a Festive Party Holiday Hat?

I love the day before a trip--I love packing and planning and getting all set to go. This morning is no exception--I'm filled with that frantic energy! So far this morning I've run my three miles, gotten everyone dressed, fed, and ready to go (which is more of an accomplishment than it sounds), vacuumed the house, gotten through a load of laundry, and baked a batch of our favorite "trip muffins" (spiced carrot raisin whole wheat. Absolutely divine). The kids have been wandering around all morning either pretending to be already en route, talking on the phone to their grandparents, or (oddly) imagining they're mermaids and I am their dead mother. A bit disconcerting. Why couldn't Ariel have had a mother around? It would make pretending so much easier in our house.

Now we're off on our errands (first stop: the ENT, who hopefully will be able to diagnose the reason behind Juliet's I-kid-you-not-four-month-long-cold). And then tomorrow on to Michigan! Hurrah!


Kritta22 said...

WOw! You wanna stop by my house and clean a bit with all that energy!??
I won't stop you, I promise!
Where is Ariel's mother anyway?

Neil said...

Not to steal any thunder, but I believe I dressed and fed Number 2 this morning.

Rachael said...

yes...but then she spent half an hour sitting on my lap eating cereal and drinking out of her "hippy."

she ate half of my cereal, that little stinker.

Rachael said...

so technically doing anything at all was a real accomplishment, since Juliet had me pinned for half the morning.

and you do definitely get credit, since I would not have had time to run if you hadn't fed that caterwauling little ador-a-baby.

Mary Beth said...

Half an hour is not half the morning. Methinks you have a slight issue with exaggeration, here.

D'you remember when Mom used to be all upset about the lack of good mother figures in those stories, too? I'm trying to think of some fairy tales with good and living mothers, and I can't think of any right now. Maybe I'll have to check out that Grimm's you gave me when I get home. And then rail at the entertainment and literary establishments for undermining the traditional concept of the family. And then go work on Firedrake, whose main character has an AWESOME mom.

Meghan said...

Maybe it's just that fairy tales (esp Grimm's) tend to deal with children's worst nightmares--so that's why the mothers are missing.

Rachael said...

well, I was counting more than just breakfast--I was counting the time that she had both hands wrapped around my leg, or the times that she would bang on my leg yelling, "book! book! Mah-MEE!"

Anonymous said...

Back to the missing mother syndrome, would you prefer to be "missing" or worse than missing like Papa Bear the idiotic father of Brother and Sister Bear. Some children's books I would be happy never to read again.


Looking forward to being with you.

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