Saturday, November 22, 2008


First of all, this post is doing something weird, so some of the text is a little off. Sorry about that! And I'm also turning my comments back on, since several people told me they really missed them (and to be honest, I really missed them too, and I still checked my email all the time anyway). Thanks for putting up with me while I toyed with turning them off.

Inside my house, it is Christmas. This makes me happy. In fact, it's been Christmas inside my house for several weeks. We sort of hopped right over that whole Thanksgiving thing, I guess. But this year I really like the Christmas decorations--my mantel is a wonderland of fir sprigs, pinecones, winter berries, and moose (or "meece" as I like to think of them. They belong on the list of things that it's fun to pluralize incorrectly).

Today I felt pretty cruddy. I spent the afternoon on the couch flipping through back issues of Martha Stewart Living. I remembered that there was a cranberry sauce recipe that I'd wanted to try, and some ornament beading that I thought Abigail might be old enough for this year. And I was in need of a new gingerbread recipe (wishful thinking, since I felt/feel too awful to do any cooking). Abigail joined me, which was lovely. As much as I love looking through magazines, I enjoy it even more if someone else is looking at them with me. This is an exception to the fact that there's no way I can read a book with someone looking at it, but magazines--it's like watching a movie; it's fun to have someone look at it and comment about it with you (except I have to read the magazine by myself first). Anyway, it was fun. Juliet wandered over to the pile after dinner (Neil and Abigail were out, so it was just the two of us) and had herself some more looking fun. She's a sweetie.

And the best part of the day--while I was trying not to concentrate on how awful I felt, Neil was busy making dinner: a savory broth chock-full of chicken, onions, potatoes, and carrots. Warm, nourishing, and made with lots of love.


Anonymous said...

so, what is the plural of moose anyway?

Meghan said...

Yay for comments. I like reading what you and your sisters say to each other, so it's fun for me, too. And you'll be very happy to know Rosalind turned down an invitation with a good friend to go to "Twilight" today.

Elise Decker said...

yay for comments back on!!! i like to tell you every day how cute your kids are and so that we can all talk to each other on here....and I can't wait for Christmas!! and Mom's food!!! and your babies!! and goofing off with you!!

Mary Beth said...

Hurrah for comments! Elise and I were talking yesterday about how much we missed them. I think we got into some deep philosophizing about the purpose of blogs, but maybe we just ate cookies and watched mindless-but-pretty TV shows instead.

I really like your mantel moose. Is it plaster? Can I come just look at all your pretty decorations? Our major concession to decorating is to drape Julie's life-size cardboard cutout of John Kerry in a winter coat, a knitted hat, and a fluffy pink scarf. And to keep pies on the table.

Elise Decker said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL! I REALLY DID REMEMBER EARLIER TODAY!!!!!!!!! ('re kind of old--i mean--mature.......)

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to respond to "oh shoot" and am so looking forward to giving Juliet a spoon. Thanks for turning the comments back on.

I love you.


Ruth Decker said...

Since when does dad say "so" in his comments? Did all us girls, like, get to him? :)

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