Saturday, November 08, 2008


Sometimes life's shining moments are few and far between; sometimes they follow so closely on each other's heels that it's hard to separate them.

This weekend has decidedly been the latter. Yes, there's been crying and refusals to change into pajamas and the like, but by and large it's been lovely thus far.

Holding hands with Neil while we eat fattoush (Lebanese salad) and talk about the day during our date Friday (call us sillies, but we always seize the chance to sit on the same side of the table whenever we're at dinner alone together). Wandering the crisp and chilly streets and ducking into a warm coffeehouse to inspect the glass domes of cakes and treats and souffles visible through the windows, then treating ourselves to a cup of the most decadently delicious (triple chocolate!!) gelato you can imagine, savored from the depths of the leather armchairs next to the antique piano in the corner of the coffeehouse (aahhh! the atmosphere! I was kicking myself for not having my camera!!). Strolling through the library book sale and catching my sweetheart's eye and grinning in sheer happiness. Cleaning the church this morning and seeing how eager the girls were to help--Juliet busied herself in wiping down the glass doors while Abigail proudly located each tiny trash can to be emptied in every classroom. Dipping caramel apples together. Reading some of our new treasures from the book sale. Typing this post with one child at each elbow, Juliet rubbing her head against my leg and Abigail leaning on me and saying "Mommy, I love you." Watching the girls eat a post-nap snack of hot chocolate and cinnamon toast while the wind blusters and blows outside on this frosty November day. The four of us snuggling in a mound of blankets and pillows on our bed as Neil brings in each of the girls to me after their nap. Seeing them dance joyously to the accompaniment of the Nutcracker Suite. Neil asking me (three times so far!) if we can put up the Christmas decorations tonight. Baguettes, brie, sweet potatoes, and perfectly ripened pears in the works for dinner.

Life is beautiful.


Elise Decker said...

awww..........i miss my carefree childhood!

Meghan said...

Two perfect weekends in a row! How do you do it? Those make up for all the troubles in between.

Crapos said...

those apples look divine!

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