Wednesday, November 19, 2008

parenting fun

The final few minutes of lunch today...

One of the things that I really enjoy as a mother is not only watching my childrens' personalities unfold, but tracing similarities in their personality to mine and to Neil's. For instance, Abigail and I both love corn, but hate lima beans (Juliet, conversely, prefers lima beans, so we always pick ours out and feed them to her). Both of my kids have an incredible range of vocal noises and squeaks--as does Neil (who is famous for this in his family, and let me tell you, reading stories with him is way more fun than with me. The kids don't even bother to ask me to read How The Grinch Stole Christmas anymore, because I can't do that weird growly voice from the cartoon--not that they've ever seen the cartoon, but still. Neil has it down). Juliet and I both need very little sleep, Abigail and I bite our lips when we become upset, and I can see myself in Juliet's curls, long-lashed hazel eyes, and olive skin, while Abigail has the big puppy-dog eyes, delicate little chin, and happy grin of all the nieces on Neil's side of the family.

All that aside, one of the things that most reminds me of myself is the way my kids are glued to books. As I watched Abigail bounce off the walls as we walked out of the library today, and finally had to order her to close the book until we get to the car!!, I thought fondly of how proud I used to be of my ability to read a book while walking through the hall in second grade. I was especially proud when I mastered the ability to go up the stairs without tripping or taking my eyes off the book (and lest you think I've grown out of it, I confess that I read at stoplights on the way home from the library).
And the mealtime rules that I remember most from my childhood were 1) no singing at the table and 2) no books at the table, both of which are firmly repeated around here. But as you can see from the picture at the top of the post, if I disappear for a few minutes while things are winding down, books have magically appeared by the time I come back...
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