Monday, November 10, 2008

since you're asking

My sewing project (in the photo on the last post) was one of these from Tiny Happy's site. Don't follow the link if your name is Mary Beth, Ruth, Elise, Rosalind, or Malinda, because you're getting one. You can see pictures of one I made a few months back here. I have had SO MUCH FUN picking out fun fabrics. Hopefully I will be able to give them up when the time comes (I did briefly toy with the idea of recovering all my throw pillows in the mishmash of crazy fun fabrics). I'll have to post a photo of all the fabrics at some point, probably when I'm done--I have one left. Maybe I'll post it after Christmas. Anyway, if you decide to make one, I made mine both longer and wider than the one in the pattern, and I used home decorating fabric to give it some real heft (I think a lighter fabric would probably be okay for the lining; I just wanted it to be able to take some weight).

On another note, today the kids and I were accompanied to the playground by three child development students from the university. They watched us play for an hour. Then they gave us $40 and asked if we could hang out again next week. I said "Sure!" and then I thought about how much I love living by a big research university.

Next time they're paying us to make cupcakes. Seriously. I love this town.

**and if you're local and you want the contact info for the study, shoot me an email. They need another 40 participants!!

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rachel said...

Awesome! That sounds great.

I nominated you for a "blog award" (see my blog). I'm not really into chain-email-type-things (which this reminds me of), so I'm not beholding you to anything by nominating you. You can pass it on or not, but I thought you'd like to know . . .

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