Friday, November 21, 2008

something's working!

Yesterday Abigail had another visit from the grad students in child development. One of the activities they did this time was to go through a bunch of vocabulary flashcards with us (they say a word, the subject points to the picture that best matches the word). I sat in the living room with one student and went through the mother set, while Abigail went through the kid set in the dining room.

Abigail's cards seemed to be taking a really long time. So when they finally said to her, "okay, just one more set!" I was a little relieved, because her patience was obviously running out (she was sitting on top of the table at that point).

Afterwards I said (ever so casually!), " did she do?"

And the guy said, "Do you read to her? A lot?"

And I said, "Yeah, we read a lot--she loves books."

And he said, "How much time every day?"

And so I told him how often and how much we read every day.

And he said, "Well...I sort of lost track, but we were doing the vocabulary words for a fourteen-year-old by the time we stopped. She knows a LOT of words! It's pretty obvious that you read to her a lot--her vocabulary is very impressive."

So I spent the rest of the day in this sort of parenting glow. As Abigail would say, "I felt reeree goodnhappy!!"
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