Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweet child o' mine

Abigail, age 18 months

Why Abigail is the coolest kid ever (despite her threat the other day when she was mad at me to "run away! Run away to some place that is not safe!!!"):

Her perennial food request is "crunchy bread and Brie." Last night she delicately suggested, "Mommy, maybe you could mix up some crunchy bread? Right now?" A baguette-lover myself, I've been cooking on demand a lot lately on her behalf. Brie! Baguettes! My little sweetcheeks and I are ready to embark on a trip to Qu├ębec, the "bread-lovers' city" (especially after my most recent issue of Bon Appetit featured a big picture of Aux Anciens Canadiens, which is like my favorite restaurant ever. Even if I've only been there once). We are definitely going to head up there before we graduate (maybe next summer?)

And secondly, she told me she wanted some skis for Christmas. So she could "ski like Mommy." Price tag aside, I had a big silly smile on my face at the thought of our family all swooshing down the slopes together. Then I thought about the sound of the crisp groomed snow crackling under my skis, and I felt very sad about the fact that we live in Flat Land and not twenty minutes away from Sundance like we used to.

That kid pretty much rocks. I just wish she was five years older (at which point we will [hopefully!] not be on the student budget anymore), because I would so plan a Mommy-and-Abigail skiing trip. Baguettes and brie included.

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Mary Beth said...

When you go to Quebec, I want to come along.

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