Monday, December 22, 2008

days of Christmas

A week or so ago, Abigail and I made a big list of fun things that we wanted to do before Christmas. It was my way of making the time go a little faster as we waited for it to be time to head up to Michigan (tomorrow night! finally!!!). So we've been sledding (sort of...pretty lame snow here), cutting out snowflakes, making popcorn chains, reading millions of Christmas stories, driving around to look at Christmas lights (one night we drove waaaay out to see one of those light shows that was choreographed to music--the girls LOVED it!!), going out for dinner as a family, building gingerbread houses, writing letters to name it. Tonight we're going caroling with a bunch of friends and having a big potluck dinner, and then tomorrow afternoon we're off. I am so excited to see my family, but the last week has been a lot of fun. I love holidays--a perfect excuse to do fun things with the people you love most.

Anyway, on Saturday we took the trip that the kids have been really excited about--we went to the Children's Museum as a family. It was the first time that we haven't had to take a stroller, and it was SO awesome to not have that cumbersome beast. Plus, since it was Christmas, they had their enormous Yule Slide up...and since it was Christmas, we actually forked over the extra cash to ride the carousel, which is a first.

The Yule Slide was a hit with our whole family--young and old.

This morning, Abigail woke me up by telling me "hey, remember when I was a crab at the children's museum and Julesie was a shark, and that was fun?"

carousel...a little scared at first.

This was so cool--the Batmobile! (used in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). Abigail thought this was very, very cool, even though she has no clue who Batman is.

...and now we're packing.


Elise Decker said...


Ruth said...

p.s......not only am i excited for you to come, but do you know how excited i am for your little special edited 3:10 to Yuma???? FREAK!!!!

Ruth said...

oh...that was me....i don't know why i'm signed in as ruth...if you couldn't tell....


Elise Decker said...

i miss these little babies already! hope you get home safely and healthily.....

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