Tuesday, December 16, 2008

for Mom and Elise

I felt kind of bad about not blogging for awhile, because I was getting these " I miss your blog" messages, but then I checked my blog and I posted every day last week except for Monday, but I guess they weren't posts full of these two little faces.

So here they are. In their "den" in the kitchen.

One of the reasons that there's been somewhat of a dearth of Abigail-and-Juliet posts is that things around here have been a little challenging of late--Juliet is showing that she's halfway to two, and Abigail is showing that she's firmly a three-year-old. Neil and I have been having LOTS of parenting "what the heck do we do" discussions while we do the dinner dishes. Our problems primarily stem from the fact that I have a hair-trigger temper, whereas Neil tends to laugh like crazy whenever the kids do something bad but funny. So we're working to evolve a more cohesive across-the-board strategy. Plus Abigail's at that age where we're having lots of discussions about verbal honesty and quick obedience and the like.

So I'm just trying to work hard to create really fun moments to take our minds of the not-so-fun ones.

Abigail's dance recital was two weeks ago, and she was soooo excited for Neil to come watch her. It was a delight to watch her--she remembered every step of the routine, and held her bow at the end (easier for her teacher than trying to get them all to curtsy) until the end of the very last clap, past the point where the other kids had already run off stage (and it was a very dramatic bow with outflung arms and her head nearly touching the floor). We laughed and laughed, and she was very pleased with herself.

Today we came home from the library with a sack full of Christmas books. After reading through about five of them, a horrified Abigail realized that she had not yet written a letter to Santa telling him what she wanted for Christmas! Tragedy! However could Santa manage with a dictatorial missive?

So she carefully dictated this letter to me: "Dear Santa, I love Ariel doll and Ariel movie and Ariel umbrella. I like reindeer. Juliet will get some presents. Juliet wants Abigail doll because she likes me and a sucker for her to eat and a reindeer book. Love, Abigail." (note: we told our kids that they can identify three things that they would like for Christmas, and that's all, because that's how many gifts the Wise Men brought to the baby Jesus. And we have had that dang Little Mermaid movie and Little Mermaid umbrella wrapped up for over three months now because she's had her heart set on them since September).

And the English major in me has to break the motives down a bit--don't you like how she doesn't ask for anything outright? She just carefully implies that "oh, I do love these types of things, and by the way, Santa, let me buddy up to you while I'm at it--I like reindeer too! And Juliet should get a sucker, because today when the man at the bank gave us suckers Juliet ate hers really fast, and she ate part of the stick before Mommy caught her, and then she tried to pull mine out of my mouth three times, so she probably needs another one. And you can toss in a reindeer book."

The letter, after Abigail her festive circle-tree (as she explained it to me), was carefully sealed, addressed (Abigail made sure I put on our state and "the Earth"), and is now waiting on the fireplace for Santa to pick it up after Abigail is asleep. A reply is firmly expected.

One last Abigail tidbit--we're making gingerbread houses tonight after dinner, which she is so excited about I cannot even begin to explain. She's been asking hopefully about making them since the very beginning of December (always accompanied by the suggestion, "I think that would be a good Family Home Evening plan, huh?") So now that the long-awaited day has arrived, she's been talking about it constantly. The librarian gave both girls gingerbread men today, and Abigail saved hers (her own idea) so that she could put him in her gingerbread house tonight. I was really impressed that she held out even while watching Jules eat her gingerbread man at lunch, but Abigail's little man is wrapped up and patiently waiting (out of Juliet's reach) for his very own house. I honestly didn't think that the three-year-old in her would do very well with the whole delayed gratification thing, but I'm pretty impressed thus far!


Neil said...

I can really see the scholar coming out in her: she writes better than me.

Elise Decker said...

yay! that was a very cute post and it makes me so excited to see all of you at Christmas!

Kayli said...

Cute pictures all! But I especially like Abigail's look in the last one. She's like, Man, I did good--this is the ticket!

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