Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of the year

It was lovely to have a hiatus from blogging. So lovely that I won't do a detailed recap of all the fun things I did instead, but I will hit the highlights--lots and lots of family time. It was wonderful. It was a real treat to be able to see three of my sisters again, home from BYU, and to spend more time getting to know my sister Ruth's husband Jordan. It was great to watch my kids twist the household around their little fingers (except when they started getting cranky and then that was not so fun). It was exciting to get dressed up and eat prime rib with my grandparents at our annual Black Swan luncheon, or listen to Jordan speak Chinese in the teeny little upscale Asian fusion bistro that had, hands-down, the best Chinese food I've ever eaten. It was delicious to spend hours cooking in the kitchen, hours lounging on the couch talking and laughing, and it was not so delicious the day that everyone had the stomach flu. It was wonderful to tromp through the snow (new boots--thanks, Dad!!) and watch everyone open the presents I got for them, and open the presents everyone got for me, and then it was really wonderful to use the panini press that we gave to my parents (because I really had a hard time not giving it a little test run before I wrapped it up). It was great to watch back-to-back movies with a mandatory break for artisanal breads, cheeses, and cold roast beef.

But it's good to be home again, and spend the day chasing after my little sillies and building Lincoln Log houses and watching Abigail dress her Ariel mermaid doll so "she will be modest not naked," and peeling oranges because "they will just squat me in the eye, Mommy," (squat me! love it!), and baking for a New Year's Eve party tonight with friends. To sleep in my own bed, shower in my own bathroom, and get in a good long run that makes the world look new again.

And to know that there are Oreos (the Paul Newman variety, so technically Newman-o) in this world that do not have "yuckies" in them, as Abigail is wont to say (our family code for high fructose corn syrup and partially-hydrogenated oils). It was a looooong eleven months with no Oreos. Fortunately my all-knowing mother (and Target!) came to the rescue.

All of us are happy about this. All.

So from our house to yours, we wish you the best in 2009. Afternoon sunshine on your kitchen table, the satisfying ache after you finish a good long run, the sweet heavy weight of a child asleep on your shoulder--whatever it is that brings you joy, we hope there's lots of it in the next year.

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Meghan said...

Beautiful post; did we really do things that sound so cool? Hope you have a lovely week before school starts--and that the weeks are lovely after that, too.

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