Tuesday, December 02, 2008

those Thanksgiving pictures

eating guacamole as a sort of "turkey detox"

So if your Google Reader is anything like mine, you opened it up after Thanksgiving to find a million pictures of everyone's kids looking really cute and well-behaved at the big dinner.

Here's an antidote for you (although both girls were really well-behaved at the actual Thanksgiving dinner. Just not afterwards).

Here's Juliet being defiant. Every time someone told her to take her foot off the table she gave them a long cold stare. Once she put both feet on the table after my dad took one foot off. Sometimes I have waking nightmares about what she'll be like as a three-year-old. Charming, but terrifying all the same.

And here is Abigail after she dumped a cup of milk on her head. I didn't feel very sorry for her so I took a picture before I cleaned her up. I was pretty grumpy at her because she was not very obedient during dinner (hence why she was left alone at the table finishing her milk after everyone else had left).

Moving on to other topics...remember this post? (it's good, you should go read it). Jules acquired some fuzzy slippers of her own today, and she's just as entranced. She kept trying to put her head on the floor down by her feet so she could talk to the elephants--it was really super cute.

One of the things I found myself thinking about a lot over Thanksgiving is how neat it is to have grandparents.

My paternal grandmother's house is where we always spent our summer vacations, and I have a big beautiful Christmas quilt on my bed right now that my grandmother made me when I was married and it makes me think of those idyllic Idaho summers every time I see it, and I remember the perfect afternoon I spent weeding the garden with my grandmother last summer (weeding? perfect? but it really was).

My maternal grandparents have generally lived quite close to us, so they've been a big part of our lives. They used to live in Salt Lake when I was younger, and letters would regularly arrive for us telling us what they'd been doing and how much they missed us. When I left for college my grandmother started writing me again (every week!) and she still keeps it up. I love hearing from them so regularly, even though I see them fairly often. And my mom writes to us every week without fail, no matter how often she's talked to us on the phone during the week (or seen us). I love it.

When I was home over Thanksgiving I photographed some of the letters my grandparents sent me when I was about two years old. The first two are from my grandpa--he always drew the coolest illustrations!

These are from a letter my grandma sent me at the same time. You'll probably have to click to enlarge them. I love her very serious discussion of whether or not the tiny tumbledown house that we saw in the woods was Pooh's house, or perhaps one of our friends from The Wind in the Willows.

And this is one of my favorite parts of the letter--can't you just imagine how ecstatic a two-year-old would be over this? I still love it at twenty-five!

On that note, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was when my dad asked Abigail if she wanted to make cookies with him. She picked out some of the most difficult and time-consuming recipes in the book he offered her, and they proceeded to bake away.

I'm so grateful that my kids have been blessed with two sets of grandparents who really are interested in them and love them. I know that their relationship with their grandparents is going to enrich their lives so much.

And it's good to have someone else keeping them in line (that floury handprint on Juliet's arm is from my dad--she kept trying to do stuff like climb onto the counter or crumple up the cut cookies).

Oh...and the cookies were REALLY good (these were the cranberry-orange-pecan pinwheels).

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Elise Decker said...

oh, I want to come home for Christmas RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I can't wait 3 weeks!!

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