Monday, January 05, 2009

the best-laid plans

Here is what I planned to do today: get up and run before the kids were awake, and then spend a pleasant lazy day doing some laundry, reading lots of stories, bundling up and going outside to play on the swings, etc. and finish up the pan of orange rolls I made yesterday, and have boiled eggs in the shape of bears and rabbits for breakfast.

Here is what I've done so far: called the pediatrician before I was even out of bed, jumped out of bed, woke up the kids, and had everyone dressed and fed half an hour later so we could catch the lone super-early appointment of the day (which, as you know if you have small children, it's pretty much a super-human feat to go from asleep to out the door in half an hour), sat at the doctor's for an hour feeling totally numb and wondering a) why Juliet is always always always sick, and if her nasal passages, ears, and adenoids are so deformed, what else might possibly be wrong that we don't know about and b) how I am possibly going to hold her down for 15-minute nebulizer treatments three times a day. In addition to the five (yes, five) other medications she is currently taking.

Then I went to the bank, to the pharmacy, to the grocery store, back to the pharmacy, picked up three prescriptions and was told to come back later today for another, came home and put away the groceries, folded a load of laundry and started more, realized that the kids were playing happily and spent a frantic half hour at my desk paying bills, answering emails, doing some stuff for my calling, and finishing up my course websites, since school begins next week.

A very productive morning, but somehow I feel utterly drained and like I barely accomplished anything, because I didn't actually do anything that I wanted to do, and I had zero fun time with the girls, even though I was with them all morning. Just feeling sort of blah and grey. And now I need to go cut up cantaloupe for lunch and fold some more laundry.

plus now I have to run during naptime instead of curling up with a book...and I still have to go back to the dang pharmacy later. argh!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,
I hope your day gets better. Have you considered getting a second opinion about Juliet's sinus issues? Seems like a lot of medicine for one so young. Also, WEB MD has good info about nebulizer treatments. Could she be having a side effect from one of her medicines that might be making her sinus issues worse? Just something to think about. Take care of yourself too. Curling up with a book while the girls nap is a wonderful way to relax. Love, Aunt Pam

Sarah said...

Hey Rachael-- As always, I enjoy reading about your family.
I babysat a little boy about Juliet's age, and he had to have daily nebulizer treatments. After the first few treatments of fussing and crying, he actually grew to enjoy and welcome them (as I think he realized he felt better afterwards). Best of luck!

lanada said...

your girls are lucky to have a mom who a) notices when something isn't right, b) does something about it even though it's inconvenient and probably expensive, and c) loves them so much that she does the best she can. you are a gem.

Kritta22 said...

I'm sorry that you had a rough day!
I hope tomorrow is better for you.

you are my hero for sticking to your running!
I hope the meds work for Juliet. I hate it when the little ones are sick!

Crapos said...

I have no idea what nebulizer treatments entail, but when Madoc burned his hand and we had to keep it cold for two hours we watched Sesame Street and ate ice cream straight out of the box. It worked for 20 minutes. Good Luck!

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